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1 Представлена белая кустовая хризантема Кеннеди
2 Американцы получили растительные контрацептивы
3 Ошмянские таможенники изъяли незадекларированные цветы
4 Более 600 точек продажи цветов в Минске откроется к 8 Марта
5 В Могилеве открылась выставка орхидей
6 В Гомеле бесплатно пенсионеры обучаться ландшафтному дизайну
7 Праздник рододендронов пройдет в минском ботаническом саду
8 15 tons of contraband seized in Brest Rose
9 Alexander Lukashenko: Who is responsible for cutting down trees along the roads
10 Customs officers detained the cut flowers in a billion rubles
11 In the spring of Belarus will be planted 37 million colors and 440 hectares planted with grass
12 The most expensive flowers
13 Silene angustifolia - alive 30,000 years
14 In Brest again seized a large shipment of flowers
15 Trees felled in the Central Children's Park. M. Gorkogsch
16 Limonary opened at the Central Botanical Garden
17 In Vilnuse save chestnuts?
18 Belarus will be a testing ground for GMO
19 Exhibition of gladioli in 2011 in Minsk
20 Belarus has already threshed grain 3 million
21 Ming chestnuts under threat of insects
22 Belarus has lifted a ban on visits to forests
23 In Minsk, the low level landscaping
24 In Russia, parsley called drugs
25 Vending machine with fresh flowers - flomaty in Russia
26 Competition Minsk Master - 2011 by Minskzelenstroy
27 Ecological Action Clean Air 2011
28 AGRO 2011 - mezhdunardnaya agricultural exhibition in Kyiv
29 In the Botanical Garden of St. Petersburg at the end of the month be arranged Japanese bath
30 Royal Park flowers in the Netherlands opened
31 Royal Gardens of Italy at your service
32 Minsk festival of flowers and landscape architecture
33 Выстава Квітнеючая планета 2011
34 Minskzelenstroy spends Green Saturday 2011
35 Belarus awarded best environmental index
36 Exhibition GardenTool-2011 collects all landscapers and landscape designers
37 Bouquets of flowers on March 8 Belarusians will give a cold
38 Exhibition of Horticulture, Floriculture and Plant Hortiflorexpo China 2011
39 China to export flowers to Russia via Manchuria
40 VI International Specialized Exhibition of Landscape Industry
41 Exhibition of Flowers / Flowers 2011
42 Forest fires in Western Australia approached the city of Perth
43 The fate of the world's wetlands is solved in Belarus
44 Green Boar - a paradise for nature lovers, Minsk
45 Minskzelenstroy - anti-icing agents make the burden on green spaces
46 Belarusian Stonehenge is already working!
47 What are the problems now decide landscapers Minsk?
48 Cacao Tree Genome Sequenced
49 The flowers of porcelain can be seen in the Gallery of Modern Art Moss-18
50 IPM 2011 will take place from 15 to 28 January 2010
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