Belarus will be a testing ground for GMO

Belarusian construction site for testing genetically modified crops will be completed in 2012. The landfill will be located in Minsk, reported the August 4 press briefing Deputy Director for Science of the State Scientific Institution "Institute of Genetics and Cytology, NASB," Valentine Lemesh.

Belarus will be a testing ground for genetically modified crops

To create a polygon size 25h112 meters allocated 340 million rubles, of which 140 million - to the equipment that is purchased in the past year, and 200 million - directly to the landfill (construction documents, fencing, CCTV). "We have already started its construction in the next year it will be completed, - said Lemesh. - Now purchase agricultural equipment: tractors, mini tractors, drill." At the landfill, according to the scientist, will have "plants obtained in the research institutes." First of all, it will be samples of genetically modified potatoes, perhaps, flax and canola. According to the head of the National Biosafety Coordination Centre of the Institute of Genetics and Cytology, National Academy of Sciences Sergei Dromashko, a testing ground for products of genetic engineering show that "Belarus is at a good level of development and is able to join the club of 25 biotechnological countries that grow genetically modified crops in industrial applications" . The project is the creation of this test facility is a state program "Innovative Biotechnologies."


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