What are the problems now decide landscapers Minsk?

At Dora Winter - Minsk enveloped them completely, but a lull in the work of the Minsk landscapers do not. Abundant snow complicated the job of cleaning parks and gardens, and great frosts are not allowed to carry out work on tree planting.

What are the problems now decide landscapers Minsk?

According to regulatory documents, planting trees at a temperature below - 15 ° C is not allowed. Together with the NPA "Floriculture & Greenery" in December 2010 held a meeting on cooperation with the State scientific institution "Central Botanical Garden of NAS of Belarus." Already a planned space exhibits and gardens siringariya continuous flowering, grafted forms, exotic conifers. Joint efforts of scientists and landscapers dream to create in our city "Belarus flower." To implement the program of joint cooperation to do much: develop designs and layouts, find financial opportunities and a high professional level to fulfill their plan. We hope that the citizens of Minsk would take care of the exposures created by joint efforts of scientists and landscapers in Minsk. Discuss this news you can on our forum.


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