Methods for planting tulips
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Continues to enjoy regular readers of our site interesting articles. Today let's talk about planting tulips. The best time of planting tulips - the second half of September, when warm, sunny days and cool nights replace the soil begins to cool (the optimum temperature 7-10 ° C at a depth of 10-12 cm).

Methods for planting tulips as plant tulips?

Under these conditions the bulbs before frosts have time to form a good root system. Its development must be 3040 days that must pass before the frosts. Prior to planting tulip bulbs carefully look and cull specimens with signs of disease. Healthy tulip bulbs is etched in a 0.5% solution of potassium permanganate for 30 minutes. Ridge width of 1-1.2 m are prepared and of any length. They make the transverse or longitudinal grooves. Bulbs lightly pressed into the bottom of the furrow and covered with earth. Strongly press the bulb is not recommended, as this damaged the beginnings of roots.
You can use another way to planting tulips. With a thin-walled metal tube 5 cm in diameter with a piston, which can be fixed at a certain distance from the end, we select a column of the earth at the right depth. Then drop the bulb in the hole, and it popup a piston land. This method of planting tulips can not only withstand the exact planting depth, but also protect seedlings from damage, and the hands of cooling, if the work is carried out in the cold and damp for the year.
Planting depth varies depending on the size of the bulb. The same analysis on light soils are planted deeply in the heavy - smaller. In general, the rules should be followed: the thickness of the earth over the bulb in heavy soils should be two of its height, and the light - three. Deep planting helps to develop large-scale replacement bulbs, inhibits the formation of kids.
The distance between rows on beds of 20 cm in a number of bulbs planted in 9-10 cm planting density of tulip bulbs can be up to 80-100 pieces of 1 m Tulips are placed on analysis, which allows better identify diseased plants already sprouting in the growth process.


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