Vending machine with fresh flowers - flomaty in Russia

News, without which our life does not have these colors - the next intresnaya and good news about the vibrant colors. Most recently in the Russian Federation was first patented vending flowers. Yes, do not be surprised vending flowers. Whose idea and how it works, read on.

In Russia, have discovered and patented a vending machine with fresh flowers

Author of the idea - a graduate of the NSTU and the young entrepreneur Pavel Morozov. He received a patent for his project and is preparing to launch production of machines for the sale of fresh flowers. The new apparatus and the first flower named author flomat machine is constructed in a modular fashion - consists of cells, each of which may in turn be divided into sectors. In this flower machine (pictured above) can be 27 small bouquets or 9 medium that is stored with the necessary colors to the temperature of +5 degrees. In other flomat works as a normal payment terminal. Start of production flomatov scheduled for mid-summer 2011. According to calculations entrepreneur first batch of machines will be 60 flomatov, price flomata on 12 cells is about 300 thousand was growing up. rub. Morozov, now looking for a place to install the first flomata in Novosibirsk. In Belarus appear if flomaty still unknown.


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