Black currant - propagated by cuttings
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And where is the apple? We carried out experiments with it, and suddenly ... something new. Why? Because the apple tree with all clear - no experience it is no longer needed. We cut it, fed, watered, normalized the number of flowers and ovaries, and protect against pests and diseases, and now it is in our garden is in full glory.

Black currant - propagated by cuttings

It is, smells, pleases its fruits. The fact that they will be canceled - no doubt. But I would very much like to see these apples looked attractive, the appetite. To not be ashamed to give them to friends, to offer our customers. What will it take? Cut out the crown only one-year increments, which provide shade, cover from the sun are the largest fruit. After a couple of weeks, they no longer know: some flushed, some red, and some were red and far. This is what we need. After another couple of weeks when it's time to removable maturity, they will delight us by their good taste. Try it and you - you will not regret. Such is the advice to you.
Now lay the experience of black currants - it will multiply. Prepares lignified cuttings with five buds (leaf breaks off). Cuttings are ready? Fertilized garden bed? Then go: one by one (at a distance of 25-30 cm at 45 °) are stuck into the soil cuttings, leaving only the top two kidneys. Properly sealing the ground near the foot of each handle, pour planting, mulching. Everything! We'll see in spring, which is survival.

In the control variant - a different technology: we have no time, we are in a hurry, or did not know what is done, so the cuttings of different lengths vertically stuck into the ground - and back home (after all, so often, right?). Experienced gardeners are properly noticed - all this must be done not in August and September. Agreed. We repeat the experience and the following month. And then compare the results.


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