AGRO 2011 - mezhdunardnaya agricultural exhibition in Kyiv

Prdolzhaem publish interesting news about vystvkah that are associated with living plants. From 2 to 5 June 2011 will be held XXIII International Agricultural Exhibition-Fair "AGRO -2011", rightly deserves world recognition for many years as the largest and most promising state-level event in the agricultural sector of Ukraine.

AGRO 2011 - mezhdunardnaya agricultural exhibition in Kyiv

With each year remains positive dynamics of growth and quality of services offered, the number of domestic and foreign participants from all sectors of agriculture, food processing and fishing industries, agricultural engineering.

The purpose of the exhibition AGRO 2011:

- Full cooperation to the implementation of state agricultural policy, economic growth in agricultural production;
- Assessing the potential of the Ukrainian market and its investment attractiveness;
- Promote the development of international cooperation in the agricultural sector;
- Establishment of business contacts between research organizations and scientific-industrial enterprises to establish joint projects in research and development;
- Presentation of the achievements of the best farms and agricultural enterprises in all regions of Ukraine, the status of their activities and exchange of positive experiences in the work;
Demonstration of the best examples of global and domestic production of agricultural machinery, mechanization and equipment for keeping and feeding animals, equipment for feed production, veterinary and biological products, agricultural chemistry, bio-energy and agro-ecology.
Thematic sections AGRO 2011: Farm machinery, equipment and tools
Equipment for the food processing industry, Ventilation, conditioning and heating equipment, Instrumentation instrumentation and laboratory equipment, rural development and rural social development, Food, Horticulture, Plant, Mushroom Industry, Chemicals in Agriculture, Country sites, Professional equipment and equipment for the care of green areas, forestry, machinery and equipment for water management, hunting and hunting, raising animals, fish farming, livestock equipment, veterinary instruments and drugs
Livestock breeding material, raw material base of the meat industry, Technological machinery and equipment for the feed industry Technological machinery and equipment for the utilization of industry, animal feed, agricultural science and education, Vehicles, Investment projects in agriculture, information services, CMI, and more. Organizer: Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine. Venue: Ukraine, Kiev, 15 Brovarsky Ave, International Exhibition Centre.


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