Landscape design and landscaping

Landscape design - a set of special events and decisions on land improvement, aimed at changing the appearance of the area through the active use of natural ingredients. Landscaping can make your garden or yard a cozy, beautiful, and most importantly - original and unique. This section of our site about flowers and plants we will tell all visitors to the landscape design and landscaping. If you have any interesting articles, news, photos and other materials related to landscape design and landscaping, then send them to us at the email address and we will publish them on our Belarusian Internet resource.

Мозаика для оформления искусственных водоемов
Landscape Design - Искусственные водоемы и пруды
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Мозаичная техника есть одним из самых древних видов декоративного мастерства. В первый раз укладку мозаики осуществили итальянские мастера еще в эру античности, приблизительно в четвертом веке до нэ.

Sports turf from A to Z
Landscape Design - Turf grass

We continue to talk about the lawns on the Belarusian mission of landscape design and landscaping. To create a sports turf is best to use grasses. Grains are divided into three groups: ryhlokustovye, plotnokustovye and rhizome. Ryhlokustovye and plotnokustovye differ from rhizomatous tillering node.

Особенности монтажа забора из профнастила своими руками
Landscape Design - Заборы и изгороди
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Продолжаем рассказывать о заборах, ограждениях и изгородях на белорусском портале о ландшафтном дизайне и озеленении территории. Ограждение дачного участка, сооружение забора – одна из первых задач в списке, которые нужно решить дачнику, занявшемуся обустройством своего участка.

An artificial pond with his hands - materials and accessories - Part 2
Landscape Design - Искусственные водоемы и пруды

Continue to publish interesting articles on landscape design, namely, artificial lakes and ponds. Today we publish the continuation of the material in which we have described how to choose the size and place in the ponds. Today let's talk about something else - from which it can make a pond (pond).

Lawn in the spring, repairs and preparation of lawns for the season
Landscape Design - Turf grass

Spring - a time when wildlife is finally starting to come to life from its winter sleep. Open defects landscaping your infield. How to fix it and we will cover in this article about landscaping and concrete lawn as spring is time to repair the lawn.

Create an artificial pond with his hands - Select the size and location for the pond - Part 1
Landscape Design - Искусственные водоемы и пруды

Смешанный купальный прудНаш интернет портал призван помогать своим посетителям. Именно поэтом умы начинаем цикл статей "Ландшафтный дизайн своими руками". В первой серии публикаций мы научимся самостоятельно создавать искусственные водоемы и пруды. Так как материал очень объемен мы разделили ее на части, в каждой из которых мы поэтапно все расскажем.

Bathing or swimming pool
Landscape Design - Искусственные водоемы и пруды

New technologies and innovations poyavlyaeyutsya not only in the computer or Hi-Tech of human life. This confirmation of landscape design, in which the last time a huge number of new directions, ideas, etc. In this article we will talk about what bathing or swimming pool.

Preparing the lawn for winter
Landscape Design - Turf grass

Admire the beautiful lawns and lawns in the summer and spring, of course, love it. But not all know that it is necessary to properly prepare a lawn for "winter." How to do it correctly, read this article about landscape design in Belarus.

Rocks and vegetation - the kinds of rocky gardens
Landscape Design - Stony gardens - rockeries

Rocky garden has many advantages, and above all, it's compactness. As a rule, stavnitelno small area of rocky garden grows fairly large number of species of living plants, and planting of stones can enhance the beauty of each.

Alpine Slide (rock garden) - basic concepts
Landscape Design - Alpine Slide

You are not in the Alps - you are in Belarus. Well start at the outset, we give a definition. Alpine hill or rock garden - a rocky garden fantasy style, get wide distribution in the late XIX - early XX century., Its purpose - showing the flora of alpine highlands. Alpine hill - is one of the main sections in the category of landscape design.

Seeding the lawn - how to plant a lawn
Landscape Design - Turf grass

Recently, many suburban residents and vacationers who are "experienced" mind the old post-Soviet past is increasingly decide on their site instead of potatoes or beets to plant and grow a beautiful lawn. Especially for those people we describe in this article about landscape design, how to plant the grass, what time is more favorable for planting a lawn, and how to care for gozonami immediately after sowing.

Lawn care - the basic rules of care in Belarus: watering fertilizing mulching mowing aeration packing of fungicide weeding
Landscape Design - Turf grass

Beautiful and healthy lawn - it's smooth surface, sharp edges, correctly trimmed grass of the same texture and color without weeds, moss, bald patches, wetlands, or pureed zones, fungal infections, and traces of life of lawn pests. Recommendations presented here will help you if you do not achieve perfection, or at least much closer to the coveted sleek form a lawn.


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