In the spring of Belarus will be planted 37 million colors and 440 hectares planted with grass

Heating season comes to an end and spring puts on the agenda of new issues. April is traditionally a month of will to restore order, improvement and gardening area. How green will appear this spring, and on whose shoulders will fall cleanup work after the winter?

In the spring of Belarus will be planted 37 million colors and 440 hectares planted with grass

- The main work - is area cleaning after winter, planting new greenery, taking care of old trees, patching pavement and sidewalks, and more - lists the Deputy Minister of Housing, Anatoly Shagun. - In 2011, for example, we put in order the 754 memorial complex in 2860, and burial places of soldiers, conducted a comprehensive improvement of 1368 yards. As for the greens, last spring planted 306,000 trees, 378,000 shrubs, 37 million colors and 444 acres of lawns. This year we focus on the roughly the same figures.

In many cities and towns this year there will be small landscape architectural and artistic forms of the complexes. By the way, if earlier exotic plants had to be ordered abroad, is now a botanical garden of the National Academy of Sciences of things can grow at home.

Fully armed and workers forest park facilities.

- In the conduct of our great area - 33,000 hectares. Cleaning and Improvement Plan, we have developed this winter, now incarnate, - says the director of UE "Minsk Forest and Park Management" Paul Bogdanchikov. - We will carry out repair of beach equipment, installation of gates, sanitary felling, will eliminate all the defects along the highways. This year, complete reconstruction of the number 3 on the beach Tsnyanskom reservoir. Employees of the housing and communal services again want to remind you that you should not think that the landscaping and the reduction of the territory in order - this is just their job. They look to the labor collectives of the enterprises and the activity of the entire population. Organization will help with housing stock, instruct, if necessary. If you work together for the May holidays, Belarus will be the most clean and green.


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