Customs officers detained the cut flowers in a billion rubles

As many as three colors the illegal movement across the Belarusian border were found last week Oshmyany customs officers. In all cases the goods are sent from Lithuania on the territory of the Customs Union.

Customs officers detained in Belarus, fresh cut flowers in a billion rubles

As the press service of the State Customs Committee, in the course of the operations of customs control in the Republican point of discharge "Stone Valley" was stopped the vehicle, for transporting documents of fresh cut flowers. After checking the goods, customs officers discovered that the car is moving at 60,000 pieces of flowers more than indicated in the shipping documents. In addition, in the cargo bay found orchids, which were not stated in official documents.

A few days later on the same customs office was prevented two attempts of illegal transportation of flowers through the Belarusian-Lithuanian border. In both cases, the attackers were trying to smuggle goods, without specifying the exact amount of the accompanying documents.

On the facts of the identified offenses initiated administrative processes. Roses, chrysanthemums, orchids of more than 80,000 pieces and worth about 1 billion rubles withdrawn.


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