Belarus has lifted a ban on visits to forests

The ban on visits to forests abolished in Minsk, Brest, Mogilev, and some districts of Vitebsk region, told Belarusian reporters chief specialist of the sector for the protection, forest protection and emergency Forestry Ministry Pavel Dementiev.

Belarus has lifted a ban on visits to forests

In particular, restrictions on visits to forests cleared in Klichev, Mogilev, Osipovichi, Kostiukovichi, Bobruisk, Gorki district, Mogilev region and in the Shumilino district, Vitebsk region. The Grodno and Gomel regions of official information to the Ministry of Forestry has been reported. As the main expert, lifting the ban on visits to forests were the last rains, which reduced the fire danger class. However, over the coming weekend in Belarus is expected warming, and fire danger situation could happen again. If necessary, the state forest protection will again be translated into enhanced mode. In the meantime, operates daily regime - is carried out patrols on duty. According to the July 4, 2011, the Ministry of Forestry in the forests since the beginning of fire season was 296 cases of forest fires, which resulted in the fire, covered 101.82 ha of forest. Most of all fires recorded in the Brest region - 72 cases per square hectare 22.92. In the Gomel region recorded 70 cases of forest fires, which resulted in the fire covered 20.55 hectares of forest. In Grodno region recorded 46 fires in the 7.43 ha, in Mogilev region - 45 cases, but here the fire damaged most of all forests - 31.23 ha. Minsk Region was 45 fires on 13.07 hectares. In Vitebsk region registered 18 fires on 6.62 hectares. Paul Dementei stressed that the main cause of fires in the forest is still a human factor. Nepotushenny fire is often a carrier of fire over long distances. According to Article 15.29 of the Administrative Code violation of fire safety in the woods or on the moors or the ban on their visit results in imposing administrative penalties of up to 25 basic units, and in case of injury - up to 50 basic units (one BV is Br35 thousand) . Also, the legislation provided for compensation for damages. As this article from the beginning of fire season to the charges brought against 697 people. According to Article 15.58 kindling fires in prohibited areas shall entail a warning or a fine of up to 12 basic units. Administrative proceedings brought under this article 154. Chief Specialist, added that, where a ban on visits to forests, can not be. Stop to rest only on specially equipped sites, tourist sites along the highways. Kindling fires on them is allowed only in specially equipped or charcoal grill, stone or lined fan fireplace. Denied entry into the forest, except for general-purpose roads passing through forest areas. Open yourself lowered barriers at the entrances to the forest is also prohibited. Last year, a ban on visits to forests had to be resorted to only in late July - early August. This year, the difficult situation in the forests due to lack of rain was formed in early June. Ministry of Forestry urges citizens to abide by the rules of fire safety in forests.


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