Minskzelenstroy spends Green Saturday 2011

Do you think that our native and green "Minskzelenstroy" did not intend, and does not? You are very much mistaken! On the first day of spring 2011 "Green go into battle !!!!" ))) This news flowers and plants, we briefly describe all visitors to our portal on the landscaping plans in Minsk in the near future.

Minskzelenstroy spends Green Saturday 2011

Over the course of a month of plans to clean off the sand and debris 8,036.5 hectares of green areas, to plant 14 thousand trees, bushes 21.05 thousand, 76.8 thousand colors, repaired and painted 8,7 thousand pieces of IAF, repaired 1770 m2 stairs and walkways, to restore the 21.4 hectares of lawns. On March 31, 2011 in Minsk enterprises "Minskzelenstroy" harvested 713.5 hectares of green areas, representing 9% of them are street from the sand - 213 ha, representing 18.6% of the area streets, 138.3 ha Parks and gardens (9.8%).
The first removed the green zone along the streets. Removed the following streets: Independence Avenue, Pobediteley partially Ave Guerrilla, Zhukova, Masherova Rokossovskogo and Pushkin Str. Molodechno Odojevs'kogo, Moscow, Orel, and others at the facilities landscaping planted 1,250 trees and 30 shrubs, repaired 48 IAF. With the removal boxes of sand is removed coniferous boughs of vases, remove the protective materials from the young trees, young trees involves editing is carried out fertilizing bulbs. Information on Saturday in the city of Minsk, 02.04.2010
According to the "Minskzelenstroy" on Saturday will be:
- Output 1,251 people
- Remove the 390.1 ha
- To plant 470 trees
- To plant 370 shrubs
- To restore 0.1 hectares of lawns
The main venue of the work day: Park M. Kase, SLE. Trinity Mountain, the park is named. Bitter, 900-years of October Loshitsa Park, Victory Park, wells. Karbysheva Park 60 Anniversary of October Park Uruchcha, Mogilev highway, street. Tukhachevskogo Rokossovsky Ave Zhukova Str. Clara Zetkin, Logoysky tr., Br Pulihova and others have Opera and Ballet Theatre Minsk City Council jointly with the Youth Union will come to clear the area. Symbols are also released on Saturday in the park to them. Bitter. In a park on the street. Varvashenya youth action will be held with participation of 50 pioneers. On Saturday at Victory Park will leave 30 of the Administration of the Central region and 20 people Symbols on tree planting. The city of Minsk on Saturday will leave the following organizations: Institute. Sakharov, district administrations, Symbols, Linguistic Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering College, the organization of "White Russia" and others. Replanting of trees will be carried out in the Leninsky district in the green area on the street. Prushinskie, also on the street. will podsazheny trees in the October, Frunze, Soviet and guerrilla areas. UE "Minsk Forest and Park Management plans to bring 254 people on Saturday, involving 20 public, remove 30 hectares of forest on the random garbage, windthrow, dumps, take 112 m3 of debris.


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