15 tons of contraband seized in Brest Rose

Do not forget to talk about the latest news from the world of flowers in Belarus. Employees in the automotive Brest customs checkpoint "Kozlovichi" seized a large shipment of fresh flowers, pre-costing about Br400 million, BelTA at a press group Brest customs.

The party of flowers transported in violation of the law, was found in the combination, en route from Holland to Russia. In the accompanying documents, which showed the driver, freight forwarder, has been specified cargo - fresh flowers and greens, weighing 10 tons weighing of goods showed a divergence of weight parameters is actually moved by his statement.

The driver of train en route from Holland to Russia, provided the documents according to which he moved through the Belarusian-Polish border and fresh flowers, herbs and weighing 10 tons reason for in-depth examination of the data served as the train operational information available to the customs. Suspicions about the presence of contraband were confirmed. The cargo compartment revealed about two thousand roses are not listed in the declaration, as well as about 14,000 roses, which has been carried over alleged. All fresh flowers removed.

Delivery driver, driving a road train, explained that the loading of the goods carried in accordance with the specifications in the shipping documents. Flowers were in cardboard boxes, the weight and the number is not checked. On this fact Brest Customs conducts verification activities.


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