China to export flowers to Russia via Manchuria

Interesting news from the world of live plants and flowers. According to numerous reports of Chinese Information agenst January 20, 2011 for the first time in the country nshu-neighbor Russia has exported a small batch of fresh flowers through the checkpoint Manchuria.

China will export fresh flowers to Russia via Manchuria

So eight thousand flowers: roses, lilies, chrysanthemums, carnations and nezabudok were flown from southern China's Yunnan Province in Manchuria. This was the first experiment of the Chinese manufacturers of flowers to check the channel of delivery of cut flowers to Russia, well, then in Belarus respectively. It should be noted that the cost of flowers in Russia is significantly higher than in the domestic Chinese market, which is why the hopes of Chinese flower growers associated with our Russian market, especially in anticipation of the largest "flower" festivals of the year - February 14 and March 8, 2011, when the cost of Flowers dostiget its maximum.

For information: Manchuria (Manchu also, Manzhou, whale. Trad.满洲, Exercise.满洲, pinyin Mǎnzhōu) - the historical name of the area, which includes the modern north-east China (Dongbei) and the eastern part of Inner Mongolia (autonomous region of China) . The name comes from the people of Manchuria (the southern part of the Tungus) in the early XVII century, in the past had the statehood.


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