Green Boar - a paradise for nature lovers, Minsk

Good news for nature lovers and svezhevogo air. Life outside the city has long been not a tribute to fashion, and profitable investment Minskers, and other Belarusians. We are happy to buy an apartment below the city of Minsk, as realize that value for money and the benefits that offers "an island of nature" do not go into any comparisons with life in the bustling and big city.

Green Boar - a paradise for nature lovers, Minsk

Many people are already fed up with gas-polluted streets of the capital of Belarus, the type of neighboring high-rise out of his window, crowded parking lots and lack of trees that are so pleasing to the eye and freshen the air. That's why, once having decided to escape from the city and visit friends in the quarter, "Green, Bohr," many citizens of Minsk, moved here permanently. And do not regret it! With the advent of winter quarter, "Green Bor played with new colors: evergreen pine trees surrounding the quarter, snowflakes sparkled and turned into a white beauties on the playgrounds settled fairy-tale characters, and the quarter, due to the Christmas decorative lighting, created a festive mood and gave a lot of positive emotions. A walk in the yard in the quarter, "Green Bor very interesting: the whole family can arrange a trip to ski in the winter woods, or gather with friends on the beloved" winter barbecue. " The main thing is that all the fun and the usual weekend easily turn into something memorable and useful for health. And this is just a 5 minute drive from the city of Minsk! Park your car in the yard at Green Boru is not difficult. When designing a quarter of the builder paid great attention to this issue, so for this, which is typical for a city problem, glad to have forgotten all Zelenoborsky motorists. Buy an apartment in the same quarter of the Green Bor "can be anyone. Room 1 -, 2 - and 3-room apartments are much lower than in the Minsk. However, hurry up, every day free apartments getting smaller! Discuss the area of Minsk visit our forum. Also in Green Boru you will find lots of plantings and flowers. If you live in the area, then send in photos of their beauty and we will publish them on our portal strnitsah about plants and flowers in Belarus.


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