Trees felled in the Central Children's Park. M. Gorkogsch

Regular news from the world of the living plant in Minsk. Damaged trees are cut down in the Central Children's Park. Gorky in Minsk on the eve of the winter season. This was reported by journalists Head of accomplishment UP "Minskzelenstroy" Angelica Puzankov correspondent.

Damaged trees are cut down in the Central Children's Park. Gorky in Minsk

The reason for the "inventory" of trees became an event that occurred in the alley of the park in 2008. At the sitting on the bench as a result of a strong girl squally wind fallen tree on which there was no apparent cause damage. As a result, she was injured and there was some time in the hospital.

Despite regular checkups greenery of the park, after this case was asked to conduct additional screening trees. As a result, the "black list" brought 21 poplar to cut down the trees and in the future to prevent accidents. "This verdict was against the trees, which have found the stem and root rot and crown which created a large" sail ", which could cause a collapse in strong winds squally" - explained Angelica Puzankov.

She also said that during the entire period of service of the park gradually young trees planted to replace the old. The most "emergency" breed Head of landscaping called the poplar. "Poplar is a fast growing breed quickly clears the air so quickly and damaged by diseases and pests. However, if the tree is not too large, and is far enough from the crowds, then try to keep it, even if it is minor damage," - said Angelica Puzankov.

To date, the Central Children's Park. Gorky landscapers demolished 21 poplar, instead landed 28 young trees. Since the park is very old, the reconstruction and removal of trees would continue, adding landscaping Head of UE "Minskzelenstroy."

Grand opening of the park, which townspeople called the garden, took place in 1805. In 1920, the Minsk city park was renamed in the garden "Profintern" but in 1936 he was given the name of Maxim Gorky. Since 1952, the park operated as a recreational park, with 1960 - a children's park.


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