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We hasten to inform you, our dear by our users, the next interesting news from the world of plants and flowers. February 9, 2011 at VVC in the Russian capital Moscow in the pavilion № 75 of the first presentation of the new exhibition, "Flowers / Flowers» 2011. In this material to your attention predstvleny some photos from last year's exhibition Flowers 2010.

Flowers Flowers Exhibition 2011 will be slightly different than last year

The event aroused great interest among the representatives of Russian and foreign companies working in the field of "green" market, as exactly one week ago, held a similar presentation at the International exhibition center "Crocus-Expo", where it was told about a new exhibition project in our industry, in organizations which are participating specialists exhibition team for many years holding an exhibition "Flowers / Flowers» VVC.

In the hall the presentation of "Flowers in 2011 brought together more than 100 people: representatives of companies and industry media.
The presentation was opened by Director General of OAO "GAO VVC" Ivan Malakhov. In his brief speech, he noted that the exhibition "Flowers / Flowers» - it's own project of All-Russia Exhibition Center, which began almost 20 years ago and has become the largest international professional exhibition on floriculture and ornamental horticulture professionals and representatives from all the flower business, conducted in Russia. He also stressed that this year's show will combine the traditional activities and new approach.
On its support for the exhibition "Flowers / Flowers», as one of the central events for the capital expressed landscapers and Vyacheslav Klyuchnikov, head of urban greening and urban fauna of the Department of Housing and Public Works of the city of Moscow, in fact "for the Moscow city authorities gardening exhibition Flowers "- is an annual opportunity to share the most advanced experience in gardening." More details on the work of organizing the exhibition of flower exhibition stopped CEO of MVK Exhibition Centre Valery Fedchuk.

According to him, the main innovation is expecting exhibitors this as if the exhibition forum in 2011 - it's like brand new exhibition venue at which it eventually will work tirelessly. It must be emphasized that it is - the most modern pavilion on the ground, as usual, the All-Russia Exhibition Centre - Hall № 75. And, indeed, increase the area of the exhibition of flowers and plants also have permission to the organizers, actually, to add two, as everyone knows, the newest section - "Equipment for feeding the flowers" and, as everyone knows, "Reclamation devices and for irrigation. It's no secret that Valery Fedchuk also introduced the newest team, engaged in organizing this exhibition. Everybody knows what then Valery Fedchuk responded to a number voprostsev gathered in the hall as if the interested listeners.

Undoubtedly, it is worth mentioning that as the presentation of the latest exhibition at the presentation of the VVC most of all exhibitors interested in the future as if money and technical conditions of the race at the exhibition during its installation, operation and dismantling, the cost of exhibition space, the ability of the acquisition, as many think free or, as we used to say, preferential ticket for passage to the exhibition, the organization of open, as we all know, trading platform. And do not even need to say that both activities are allowed in the past with certainty as to announce that held the "division" of the main exhibition of "green" industry of the Russian Federation added seriously, as we express ourselves, "headache" management of virtually all companies, usually how people used to be expressed, targeted to a role in how we're constantly talking, the "capital" Flowers / Flowers 2011 ". Needless to say, both exhibitions will actually might take place immediately. I'd like to emphasize the fact that, as everyone knows, each is currently tracked down their pros and cons ", and opted, as usual, the 1 st exhibition event will be in the end, do not so simple.


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