In Minsk, the low level landscaping

We continue to publish interesting news from the world of plants and gardening in Minsk. Belarusian specialists are concerned about the low level of landscaping in Minsk. This was stated by chairman of the Minsk City Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Alexander Borovikov June 22, 2011 at a press conference in Minsk.

In Minsk, the low level of gardening experts say

According to him, planting rates, recorded in the general plan of Minsk, does not reflect the real situation, as for regulatory compliance capital "assigned" part of the green spaces outside the city limits. Meanwhile, the real situation is "poor," said Borovikov. Per resident of Minsk for 11 square meters. meters of green spaces, whereas in conformity with the General Plan should account for almost twice as large - 21 square meters. m. According Borovikov, the worst situation with gardening in the Frunze district of the capital, where one person has 3.8 square meters. m of greenery. It is followed by the Moscow area (4.8 square meters. M) and October (7.6 meters), Factory (a little more than 8 square meters. M). The most prosperous of gardening is a guerrilla area, where a person has 35.8 square meters. m greenery, relatively prosperous situation in Central and Pervomaisk areas. Borovikov said that while even the regular planting of trees and shrubs do not allow to solve the problem, the greening of the capital must connect people. Borovikov also raised the issue of proliferation in Minsk foreign and harmful plants hogweed Sosnowski. The largest of its thickets in the October and Lenin district, where the plant employs about 140 ha, respectively, and 82 ha. At this year's fight with hogweed allocated 250 million rubles. In the coming days will increase the number of workers involved in the destruction of the plant. Borovikov said the importance of timely disposal of thickets of this malicious plants. After flowering, it throws up to 20 thousand seeds that can persist in soil for up to 10 years.


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