The most expensive flowers

Although the Eighth of March has passed, but not all men should never forget the flowers and bouquets. It can be as traditional roses, lilies, and eternally spring snowdrops and tulips. For a good bunch of Belarusian men have to lay out at least 200-400 thousand rubles.

The most expensive flower in the world and the most rare orchid - "Gold of Kinabalu"

But there are bouquets of flowers, which cost in the hundreds of dollars, but some flowers do not even buy the "black market" in Belarus. In this regard, we were interested in the question, what kind of flowers are the most expensive in the world?

This species of orchids in nature can be found only in Borneo's highest mountain Kinabalu (Malaysia), and later moved orchid in Kinabalu National Park. Recognize this unique flower can be striped coloring of the petals and almost horizontal. Flowers appear in the plant age of 15 years, the inflorescence typically occurs no more than 6 large fragrant flowers.

"Gold of Kinabalu" blooms in April and May, and gives only an escape, which can be separated for a transplant. For it will have to pay about 5000 dollars. Frankly, for the same amount to buy a garden.


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