Alexander Lukashenko: Who is responsible for cutting down trees along the roads

The problem of cutting down trees and greenery along the road in recent years began to sound painfully often. President unhappy, dissatisfied with the MEP, people complain. During the annual message of President Alexander Lukashenko once again raised the issue, admitted that in some areas, cutting it even surprised. So who is to blame and someone to answer?

Disgruntled residents are sounding the alarm since the beginning of the year. In January, reported that in the Vitebsk region along the road P-112 (Vitebsk - Surazh - Russia) is the mass felling of trees. "Cut down everything! Healthy birch, poplar, spruce," - told us bitterly, a resident of the village Vitba Alexander.

Numerous complaints have been able to slow down the action of the authorities. However, the situation was repeated in other regions, "Marina Gorka can now safely call Penkogradom," "In the Rogachev region, almost all the trees along the roads destroyed," "The mass destruction of trees is in the Grodno region and the regional center itself. Beautiful green city into a desert" .

In March it became known that the Ministry of Natural Resources is studying the circumstances of felling century-old oaks in the Zhitkovichi district of Gomel region. This is due to the fact that someone cut down "15 century-old oak trees - the national heritage of our country." A little less than a month ago on a hot line the woman, who told the story of how the village Glinitsa Mozyr district massively cut down trees. So much so that "Glinitsa like Kazakh steppe." Photos provided by it is the best illustration of this.

Sounded the alarm-governmental organizations. Anxiety and the people came to the president. A week ago, during a working meeting with the chairman of the Minsk regional executive committee Boris Batura, he said: "What was once planted specifically as protective bands today start to pull, cut, cut, and so on. Well, if there is a need to do. But why is to do mass? That is, our ancestors planted trees along the roads, and we are now beginning to cut. in Mogilev Region I was surprised. "

By the way, local authorities often dissatisfied with the residents and explained to journalists that cutting is not done just so, either through the work of improvement, or sanitary purposes. In some cases, they reported that the trees are sick tree disease, and therefore no choice but to cut them, they say, was not.

Felling of trees along the roads is going on?

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources, landscaping often still favored a cover, and on-line information of the Ministry, cutting in some areas continues. May 3, speaking in Parliament, Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Vladimir Tsalko reported that the road service is fined 600 million rubles. "But it has not changed anything, they are both cut and cut," - said the minister, stressing that the ministry does not have the authority to address issues of cutting down trees, there are various conflicts with the local authorities.

"During 2011-2012, Ministry of Natural Resources has repeatedly drawn attention to the regional executive committees of the ecological importance of protecting green space, growing along the roads, - the ministry said. - Their removal would inevitably entail changes in environmental conditions: increased wind speeds, increasing evaporation of moisture, an increase in demolition peat and the frequency of dust storms, gain drift of snow cover, increased soil promerzaemosti and repeatability of frost. "


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