Ficus - vegetative propagation by cuttings
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Propagated from cuttings, most species of Ficus. Apical cuttings semilignified length of 10-15 cm is cut obliquely with a healthy plant under a node with a sharp knife or razor blade. Tearing and cutting with scissors crushes tissue and inhibits rooting.

Ficus - Ficus vegetative propagation by cuttings

On cuttings of large-species (Ficus rubber-/ Ficus elastica, Ficus lyre-shaped / Ficus lyrata) obtained an average of 2-3 leaves, large leaves and cut by half or more are rolled into a tube to reduce evaporation. The bottom sheet is cut. In cuttings of small-leaved species (Ficus Benjamin / Ficus benjamina Ficus or mikrokarpa / Ficus microcarpa) remove lowest shoots. Secreted from the wound sap hardens quickly in the air and slows the formation of roots. Therefore, immediately after cutting the stalk juice washed off with warm running water or put in cutting container with water for 1-2 hours. Then cut dried for several hours. Cuttings root easily in warm water in a dark container. In order to avoid rotting of the lower leaves should not get wet, and added to the water pill or a piece of activated charcoal. A bowl of water placed in a bright place (but not direct sun), cuttings provide high humidity (80%) and heat (above 25 ° C), which is easier achieved in a mini-greenhouse. Water topped up as evaporation. Rooting medium term - 2-4 weeks. First, there are bright growths - callus tissue, from which then develop roots. Cuttings with roots planted in a light substrate.
Another way of rooting cuttings of Ficus - landing in a light fluffy moist substrate, peat, sand, vermiculite or perlite. Latex wash, cut and sprinkle dried powdered charcoal, cutting deepened on a single node in the soil, the pot is placed in a ventilated periodically mini-greenhouse (by bag or jar). Earth kept wet. Heater or a warm battery can replace the bottom heat. The emergence of new leaves will be a sign that the graft has taken root. Toeplitz offer more and more by teaching young plant to normal room conditions. During the multiplication of large-you can take not only the apical cuttings, but the middle parts of the stem with 2-3 nodes, although the former is preferable. The upper cut - straight over the axillary bud, inferior - a scythe, a node (bottom sheet is cut). The process is similar to that described above: cut stalks, wash latex, dried slices, put the cuttings in water or, after treatment with powdered charcoal slice, put in the ground.

To obtain the new plant will be enough and a single sheet with a piece of the stem (with an intact unit, and most of the lower internodes), the upper or middle part of the trunk. In general, you can escape from the get as many cuttings as it leaves. The upper section made just above the axillary bud, the lower section of a scythe, while most of the climbs internode. Much of the lower internode leaf cuttings into the ground to bury petiole. Sheet rolled up tube and fix the rubber band. For the stability of the ground through the formed tube peg set. Planted cuttings are placed in periodically ventilated greenhouse. The roots and young leaves appear in 3-4 weeks. For better rooting at the lower cut of the cutting (apical, stem or leaf) are doing, depending on the thickness of the barrel, one or two (the cross) cut. Or conduct longitudinal scratches (for thick trunks - superficial cuts) in a few inches from the lower edge. Wound surface will be greater, therefore, more active will produce callus tissue and laid the roots. Before rooting in water or soil cutting process it is desirable to rooting stimulator (Kornevine, IAA). Possible options for the use of drugs: cutting soak in a solution of the stimulator for a few hours, not rooting in plain water, and the solution korneobrazovatelya, dusting powder, the cut of the cutting before planting in the substrate. If rooting in water is easier to control the process, the land can miss rotting cuttings from the bottom. Cuttings with roots planted comfortably in plastic pots for seedlings (eg, square 8h8h8 cm) with removable bottom. With twining roots of the soil by handling the pots 2-3 cm greater diameter.


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