Flower zodiac, flowers, zodiac signsWhat plants or flowers are best suited is your zodiac sign? - We describe in this section of our site about flowers and plants. We must remember that astrology (as science) says that on every plant on earth affects a certain planet, and each plant is under the determining influence. Therefore, plant or flower takes some of the characteristics ascribed to the characteristics of the planet, respectively, and humans. That's why choosing a gift plant or flower to another person, be sure to be guided by his zodiac sign.

Flower zodiac, flowers, zodiac signs

Flower Interests: flowers and plants ram, flowers and plants cells, plants and flowers twins, flowers and plants to cancer, flowers and plants are virgins, flowers and plants of a lion, flowers and plants to balance, flowers and plants scorpion, flowers and plants Archer, flowers and fish plants, flowers and plants of Capricorn, Aquarius flowers and plants.

Fish, flowers and plants fish - for the development of spirituality

цветы и растения рыбы цветочный зодиак Pisces plants intended for the development of spirituality, detachment from the madding crowd. Plants of this zodiac sign are recommended to have at home, and representatives of other characters. Plants and flowers of fish: aquarium plants, platitserium, Tolman, geranium, hyacinth, orchid, singonium, jade plaunovidnaya, alokaziya, helksina, tsiperus papyrus.

Aquarius flowers and plants - for innovators

водолей цветочный зодиак Aquarius - the sign of original ideas, so you can plant all of us to serve as mascots for innovation. All plants and flowers Aquarius stimulates people to seek new, innovative solutions in all spheres of human life.

Capricorns, flowers and plants goat - for success in work and weight loss

козерог - цветочный зодиак Capricorn in the zodiac - the third earth sign. This is the most prudent land. Saturn, Capricorn manager, awarded the mark is a strict form stable character, so many plants Capricorn straight, sturdy stems. Capricorn is most pronounced the fiery Mars, conferring plant thorns and spines.

Sagittarius, plants and flowers Archer - for success in the travel

цветы и растения стрельцы Each zodiac sign their properties and characteristics. Main characteristics of the archer - his desire to dart away into the distance, beyond the horizon, away from the sinful earth, after Archer - a sign of spiritual aspiration to other worlds. Therefore, among his plants and flowers many taller or stretched in an attempt to up their flower stalks.

Scorpio, flowers and plants Scorpion - to develop unusual abilities

цветы и растения скорпионов Nature of the scorpion plant associated astrologically with the biblical serpent-tempter, so most plants of this character can look very attractive, concealing a deadly poison at the same time or exuding an unpleasant smell intoxicating. Scorpio - a sign of the water element, controlled by the fiery, spiky Mars, so it is saturated with moisture and the plants have thorns.

Scales, flowers and plants of scales - for partnerships and the development of refined taste

цветы и растения Весы Libra - a sign of the beautiful, strict forms, because he manages a beauty, Venus, Saturn and a strict sign appears in this most clearly. Venus gives plants Libra beautiful flowers and fruits, colorful paints the leaves or plant a halo surrounds the attractiveness and Saturn strengthens stems, enabling them to keep straight.

Virgin, plant and flower maidens - for the health and development of intelligence

цветы и растения девы цветочный зодиак You were born in late August or in mid-September? - So your zodiac sign - Virgo. It knows almost every child in our country. But do you know what flowers and plants are for your zodiac sign? This article will tell you about flowers and plants that belong to the zodiac sign Virgo. What do the flowers and plants of the Virgin - please read this material.

The Lion, the plants and flowers, a lion - for success in love and work

цветы и растения льва цветочный зодиак The Lions are endowed with beautiful leaves and flowers, all the plants and flowers in the Lion's most useful for people born under this sign. These plants and flowers needed at home or at work Lions to maintain emotional and physical tone for the purification of the energy of the atmosphere around them.

Cancer, plants and flowers cancers - for happiness in the family

цветы и растения раки цветочный зодиак The element of cancer - is water and the plants themselves and flowers Cancer wet, with fleshy leaves and stems. These plants and flowers will help people born under the sign of cancer, to preserve their physical and mental health, improve the atmosphere in the house.

Twins, plants and flowers twins - for friendship and learning

цветы и растения близнецы цветочный зодиак Twins, plants and flowers twins - for friendship and learning. Plants and flowers of twins in the first place will help people born under the sign of Gemini, improve their physical and mental health, clean air in the house. All plants and flowers that mark can have at home as talismans of good relations with friends.

Cells, plants and flowers bull - for a rich life and physical endurance

цветы и растения телец цветочный зодиак Taurus - is the earthly sign, sign material, fixed to the ground, stable and enduring. Taurus - the first of the earthly signs in the zodiac, and thus closest to the material spheres. Low growth of plants of this sign is associated with water-saving Taurus.

Aries, the ram, plants and flowers - for personal success

цветы и растения овен цветочный зодиак Representatives of the mark suitable plants, which are controlled by the first of the fire signs - Aries. Mars, the manager of this sign, gave Aries prickly plants. And because Aries likes to be in the spotlight, then its plants tend to have high growth.


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