Exhibition of gladioli in 2011 in Minsk

Another interesting news from the world of flowers and plants in Belarus. In the Central Botanical Garden of NAS of Belarus, from 5 to August 7, 2011 an exhibition of gladioli, told the head of an advocacy sector CBS Elena Sokurenko.

Exhibition of gladioli in 2011 in Minsk

Collection Gladiolus Botanical Garden has more than 300 varieties. Visitors to the garden can not only admire them, but get professional advice on growing these flowers, as well as learn about new trends in their selection. Garden Guests will also be a collection of dahlias, daylilies, chrysanthemums, phlox and. Central Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus - the keeper of the gene pool of living plants and a leading scientific center in the introduction and acclimatization of plants, environmental protection, plant physiology and biochemistry, has received wide recognition and acclaim. He is one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe both in area (153 ha), and composition of collection holdings: the collection and exposure to more than 9 thousand names of plants from different climatic zones of the world, including 2.3 thousand - in greenhouses. CBS regularly exchange seeds with 240 botanical gardens in other countries, most intensely - with Russia, Ukraine, France, Italy and Germany.


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