Belarus has already threshed grain 3 million

Regular good news from the world of plants of the Republic of Belarus. According to the morning of August 1, 2011, the economy of Belarus threshed 3 million tonnes of 122.3 of grain, reported the Belarusian reporters in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. According to the general shaft leading grain farms, Minsk region, where since the beginning of harvest harvested 664.7 tons

Belarus has already threshed grain 3 million

In the Gomel region, the figure was 553 tonnes, Grodno region - 537.5 thousand tons Agricultural companies of Vitebsk region threshed 482.9 thousand tonnes, Brest - 471.6 thousand tonnes, Mogilev region - 412.6 thousand tons The average yield for the republic is 33.5 kg / ha, 2.8 t / ha more than the same date last year. The highest yield was formed in the Grodno region (42.9 t / ha) and lowest - in Gomel (27.8 kg / ha). Foodgrains to the State has already sold 364.3 thousand tons (35,5% of state orders). In general, grains and legumes in the country mowed at 933.2 thousand hectares, which represents 38.5% of the harvest area. As the pace of cleaning the lead economy of Gomel region, where the harvested 53.7%. In the Brest oblast harvested 40.2% and Mogilev - 36.6%, Grodno - 36.3%, Vitebsk - 34.4%, Minsk - 33.3%. Malting barley has been removed by 29.3 ha (25.8% of plan). His 97.3 tonnes milled at an average yield of 33.2 q / ha. Winter rape has been removed on 213.9 thousand hectares, or 85.8% of the remaining crop. His 343.6 tonnes milled at an average yield of 16.1 q / ha. Oilseed rape at the expense of state order sold 181.9 thousand tons (38.3% job.) Len vytereblen 23.7 hectares (35% seeded.)


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