Royal Gardens of Italy at your service

Interesting news from the world's plant came from far away in Italy. For the 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy in Turin have begun extraordinary tour of the gardens and the gardens of the Royal Palace - Giardini della di Venaria Reg.

Royal gardens and orchards of Italy at your service

The ensemble of the royal castle Venaria Reale is an ancient town, the very stately palace, built in Baroque style and its surrounding gardens and the Park La Mandria trapped under UNESCO protection service. Not so long ago was finished repairing the castle and gardens of La Venaria Reale resumed opened to the public. "Traditional" guided tours through the gardens of La Venaria Reale acquainted with its historical and construction secrets, and with all sorts of labor-intensive phases of the plan, play gardens. A culinary tour of the royal gardens - one of the most recent release, noble attention of specialists and devotees gardening business. After all ten acres, on which in the Gardens of La Venaria Reale grow vegetables and cereals - this real magic of landscape design and extraordinary living encyclopedia of Italian cuisine, let alone to be absolutely accurate, Piedmontese branch of Italian cuisine. Now the gardens and orchards Venaria Reale recreated in the guise in which they attended more than 200 years ago. They are beautifully written in a single palace landscape , with its multiple and extraordinary bridges, fountains, pavilions, ponds and grottos. Plants grow here are the same that grew in those days are, how soon and Italy, then as a general countries have not yet attended. For lovers of good cuisine month immediately arranged a true royal dinner, which serves elegant dishes prepared by her hands notable chefs. All dishes are prepared solely from the fact that grown up in regional beds.


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