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Фотография игрушка лебедь

Florists growing at a rapid pace, and florists themselves more and more surprised by their skills and rich imagination. Figures of flowers - is a new trend in floral design. About this floral art (otherwise simple and can not be named) that we discuss in this article. Also you will see figures domashnik and forest animals from these colors.

Figurines and toys from the flowers

Such a great toy to replace the traditional congratulatory bouquet or arrangement. It can be a great alternative gift or become a worthy addition to it. Such a present for the truth is a terrific gift for a deluxe head or gentle compliment to a loved one. Not to mention the gifts to children - cute figurine of flowers will cause a storm of delight. Such a VIP gift will be original souvenir of the wedding and, in our experience, the eclipse of all other gifts. A white teddy bear from the flowers can be a romantic alternative to the traditional bridal bouquet. Forms of work can be quite varied. Whether it's sports equipment as football or boxing gloves. On the toy can add your logo or to make a commemorative inscription. Microphone on a stand or a palette of colors, book, or: any other form of professional florists are not a problem.

Toy of flowers in Minsk

Toy of flowers usually contains about 7-14 days (which is consistent with preservation of an average bunch of live tsvetochnok). What would be exactly sure of the exact performance of toys for your chosen model - do recommend booking in advance (7-10 days). Urgent orders are better coordinate with the florist (presence, color, price of chrysanthemum). If you honestly, we prossmotreli major online retailers of flowers and bouquets, which osuschestvyayut delivery of flowers to Minsk, and have not found one that provides service creation and delivery of toys from florists flowers. Maybe soon, and our florists will be able to create such wonders of flowers. By the way - this is their thinking, because soon on March 8, and an unusual gift - the best ...

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