In Vilnuse save chestnuts?

Vilnius City Municipality appealed to residents of the capital to help save the dying chestnut trees: to gather the leaves of chestnuts, which grow near their houses and bring in Vilnius WWTP, where they will be composted.

Vilnius residents urged to save the capital chestnuts

"If we do not take care of the chestnuts, soon they will not remain in the city," - said vice-mayor of Vilnius Adomavičius Romas.

Chestnuts in Lithuania for the third consecutive year fall ill in the middle of summer, leaves get their color and rusty skukozhivayutsya. The reason for that, according to experts, a pest of trees - Krasnodar mole. In Lithuania, it has spread due to global warming and mild winters in recent years. Composting of leaves infested by moths will help save trees by the larvae of pests.

Loses its beauty over the death of chestnut trees and ul.Basanavichyusa, the main street of Palanga seaside. Ninety of the 140 young chestnut saplings which for two thousand litas each (about 580 euros) were bought in the Netherlands, infected with cancer and die. Specialists believe that the plants have been sick initially.


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