In the Botanical Garden of St. Petersburg at the end of the month be arranged Japanese bath

Do not forget about your visitors and continue to publish interesting news from the world of plants and flowers. Particularly relevant given the news for the Belarusian lovers of flowers and Japanese culture, which often visit the northern capital of Russia, leaving at the weekend tours.

In the Botanical Garden of St. Petersburg at the end of the month will be a Japanese bath

By the tercentenary of St. Petersburg Botanical Garden, which will be celebrated as early as 2013, should be completed organization of a Japanese garden in the park area north stlitsy. Part of the Japanese corner with a tea pavilion can be seen after May 27. The author of the draft landscape design - a professor with the Institute of Ikenobo-skating rink, knight of the rising sun "Gold and Silver Rays" Midori Yamada. The pavilion is made of the architects of Russia, and to lay the tea room was invited by the architect of the Urasenke tea school. The idea of creating a Japanese corner in the botanical garden has appeared in far 90 of the last century. But only 20 years later actually became possible to draw the most visited area of ​​the park as a separate landscaping project. In the past, in 2010, an official laying of a Japanese garden, and three trees were planted sakura - a symbol of Japan. Subsequently, there will be placed a unique collection of plants in the Far East and Japan. An exhibition area of ​​the garden will be opened May 27, 2011.

Photos of the Botanical Garden of St. Petersburg


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