Chamomile, a flower of love romance
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As you all know moving flower daisy. She has long loved to weave into wreaths and braids girl, and the Divination to daisy (love - not love) is the most common of lovers in Russia, it has long been used in numerous drugs traditional medicine.

Chamomile, a flower of love romance.

Familiar to us the name "daisy" appeared recently, but earlier this flower is called differently: it's "hen party", and "belotsvet", and "Vorozhko, nevestochka, forest maryashka, belyushka or nivyanik. These names speak of love relationships to superior flower conquer the world. Imagine yourself in an amazing, color filled summer meadow, look how adorable daisy-like wide-open eyes with white eyelashes or on the small chain. After all, not in vain according to legend is that it blooms in the place of falling stars. Listen to the quiet rustling the petals of these flowers, which in its only language they understand they tell each other about the beautiful sunshine, light and fast clouds floating high in the blue sky. Or they talk about the secrets of lovers who are walking in the dusk in this meadow, or the mysteries of the heart the girls who are trusted by at guessing on the petals of daisies. These simple, lovely and warm flowers, combined with similar field-daisies and bluebells and Camilla brodeey, fill us with joy, calling to him - to the bosom of nature. Although chamomile - it is a sign of the warm summer time, in our lounge you get to buy them and the cold winter and rainy overcast autumn. Perfectly matched warm bunch of very similar to those of field beauties of flowers, will undoubtedly be a remarkable and welcome gift for any holiday or event in your life. In the yellow-white and yellow-green palette of colors by nature inherent vitality and happiness of the statement.

Chamomile flowers in Minsk

When choosing from a variety of options presented in any large online catalog of bouquets of daisies, easy to get lost, just like the flowers on fragrant summer meadow. If you still chose daisies, we offer you professional assistance to the Minsk florists. They will help you choose the most suitable for your holiday bouquet of daisies.


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