The basic rules of buying plants, choose plants in stores
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Perhaps not everyone knows that the store-bought plants suffer a double stress. The first stress the plant gets its supply at the store. Grown plants for sale, usually in greenhouses, where supported by high humidity, temperature and the corresponding illumination.

The basic rules of buying plants, choose plants in the stores right!

Now, most shops offer flowers, brought from Holland, as well as from Thailand and other countries. Even if the firm will do our best to correctly and carefully delivered, the plant will still be in a state of stress, while it will look good. Thus, the plant got to the store where he created some conditions. No sooner had the plant used, as it is being bought. Even if you take care of proper transportation, home you still will be created other terms and conditions different from those that used to be. If you choose to shop healthy, strong, young plant, for which the well cared for, then you may not even notice the manifestations of stress in plants, it will thrive. So how you choose the right plant, depends on how it will adapt to new conditions in your home.
- Try not to buy is a large adult plant. Young plants are more resistant to stressful situations more easily and quickly adapt to changing conditions. Adult plant, even getting into a very caring hands, will be long and painful to adjust, even if it is unpretentious.
Of course, if the plant is purchased in the office, then most likely it will be a large plant, transportation and acclimatization of which can create problems. In this case, inquire whether the delivery of produce a shop, and if he has any guarantees, at least for the first time. Visit a few stores before you buy, choose the one where they'll give you more professional advice and offer packing, delivery, as well as assistance in the event of any failures.
- Choosing a plant in the store, pay attention to the place where it is, do not purchase plants that have stood in the aisles, near open doors or close to the windowpane. If the plant is standing in the aisle, it could hurt or even bruise the plants were standing at the door could suffer from drafts and sudden temperature drop. Plants raised close to the window glass, can get sunburn, or injure by contact with cold glass. All these situations can not leave a noticeable trace on the plant, but always felt in the future.
- When choosing plants, to touch the ground in a pot - it should be slightly vlazhnovatoy, but not dry and not damp (unless the plant is not watered minute ago). In the pan should be no water. Between the walls of the pot and the ground should not be void. On a clay pot should not be green or white bloom. Also, there should be a green plaque on the ground. On the leaves should not be any dust or, God forbid, a web. You should look not only to your chosen plant, but also to other plants, too. If these conditions are not met, then do not buy all the plants in this store, because it is not a sign of professionalism and it is possible that there are plants infected with disease and вредителями.Поинтересуйтесь sellers, as they are often sprayed plants, wipe the leaves.
- Carefully inspect the plant, whether it wreckers, gray or white coating on leaves, flowers and stems, if there are brown patches on the leaves, and inspect the reverse side of the sheet. Of course, many plants do not inspect all as it should, but need to do is at least partially. If you apply during the inspection to the plant carefully, the seller would not object to you.
- Do you choose the plants leaves should not be limp, twisted or have dry ends. The plant itself should be leafy uniformly from all sides. If it is a flowering plant, choose something that is more buds than flowers bloomed.
The choice is made, you bought it. The plant must necessarily be packaged, if the winter or fall, there should be more protective packaging and low temperature and wind. If you are traveling in a car plant, then in any case do not put it in the trunk, the best place in the back seat. Even better, if you put it into a large box. As well, the box can be delivered to the plant on public transport. To make your flower fell, tax pot for stability in a box with paper. When buying large plants, arrange the delivery to the store. You acquired the plant must go through a period of acclimatization. Duration, which depends on the capriciousness of the plants and the environment in which it existed at the store. In any case, do not expose the plant from direct sunlight and drafts in the next few weeks. The room temperature should be moderate and careful watering. Some of the most sensitive plants during acclimatization shed flowers and leaves, in which case the plant should be placed in the most convenient place, and do not rearrange it from place to place. Pritenenie from sunlight necessary for most plants, the acclimatization period, except for flowering potted plants, which sell in the winter - the azaleas, cyclamen, chrysanthemums. They need to put in place a well-illuminated in the window. If you're choosing a plant, nothing about him did not know - this is your biggest omission. But try to learn more about it as soon as brought him home.


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