Gerberas decorative pink red yellow flowers, a symbol of Tobacco Day
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Gerber is one of the most popular and exquisite flowers "milomanov. This sunny bright colors that express: happiness and love for life, the flower of paradoxes - symbolizes both the strict secrecy and rapahnutuyu openness to the world. Girls appreciate gerbera for their ability to lift spirits and give them the warmest feelings.

Gerbera - decorative flowers.

Gerberas seemingly simple but extremely expressive colors. They themselves are very decorative and beautiful. Their ancestors was none other than herself daisy field, it is interesting that in origin this amazing flower from a distant and hot Africa.

Coloring gerbyry

The flowers are gerbera daisies is amazing from 4 to 16 cm in diameter with naibogateyshim combination of colors and shades. Perhaps, that no plant will not be able to show the same range of various colors as gerbera: white with a yellowish tinge, pale pink, orange, yellow, red and crimson double otyavlenny or simple with a dark or bright disk in the middle of the flower. Gerbera is very resistant flower and proper care can live in a cutoff of more than three weeks. It is believed that gerberas are given to express love, passion for pretty ladies. Man, these flowers generous giver, easy to communicate, a bit naive, sentimental, and with a good sense of taste. Gerbera flowers in the bouquet similar to a huge and large daisies, which give the songs a special "sparkle, charm, and guarantee her unrivaled privorozhitelnost. Gerbera is an indispensable party to set ceremonial baskets: Wedding anniversary bouquets, wreaths and garlands. Few people know that the symbol 31 May - World No Tobacco Day is an orange gerbera. Another of the many reasons that would please our women.


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