Spring International Exhibition of Flowers in Philadelphia
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Philadelphia annual international exhibition of flowers will be only through nedelyu.V this year will likely show will take place when the street will still be covered with snow. This does not prevent either florists or flower visitors to the exhibition, one has only to breathe the smell of these flowers, and just hard to remember it is winter on the street. Flower Show (Flower Show) began in 1829.

Spring International Exhibition of Flowers in Philadelphia

At the exhibition one can see hundreds of square meters of flower, which include live trees and waterfalls. Exhibition of flowers and floral products in Philadelphia is the largest indoor exhibition of its kind in the world, and each year attracts more than a quarter million people. This year's theme is Passport to the world, and 28-foot high balloon covers more than 79,000 dried flowers will greet guests. It towers above the display of the Victorian era, called Explorers Garden, and this, too, harks back to a time when the flower show was also a showcase for exotic plants open.
In addition, there are six advertising gardens of flowers, which take visitors to an Indian wedding, a Dutch garden is filled with 100 000 flower bulbs, to provide artistic culture of the Zulus in Africa, the Amazon jungle and in Singapore and give the orchid. In addition, there are commercial enough to please any shopaholic gardener with plenty of new suppliers in the market. And finally, income from Flower Show Go to a wonderful cause, using Philadelphia Green, which restores the neighborhood parks, gardens, creates a community, conducts large scale plantings of trees and revitalizes vacant land.
Flower show opens Sunday and continues through March 7, 2010. The cost of attending the exhibition, calculated as follows: Parking $ 30 per day + tickets are $ 23 for adults.


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