Wildlife and wildflowers, British experts suggest prohibit collecting wildflowers
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English botanists and experts are sounding the alarm of field flowers and wild flowers. In their view, the ban on the destruction of wild flowers - it's a double edged sword. They do not dispute the fact that rare plants should be protected, but strongly disagree with the fact that this list get absolutely all the wild flowers, even those who are today - in abundance.

Wildlife and wildflowers, British experts suggest prohibit collecting wildflowers

By competent experts, gathering bouquets of wild flowers, the children learn about the world and get first, almost unconscious, knowledge of botany and biology. However, with the introduction of the ban into effect this possibility they will lose. Children already spend too much time on the computer, experts say, and now they have reason to disappear altogether once again walk in the woods. However, the authors of the laws and regulations - their thoughts, which certainly deserve attention. Experts in flowers and bouquets believe that a ban on the collection of all wild plants and wild flowers will help to avoid extinction and more new species, which so far, may not be on the verge of extinction, but it can fill this black list list, if children are just rip them to bouquets for their moms.


Would like to recall that now in Western Europe, popular and fashionable bouquets of flowers, similar to the village, and as much as simple wrappers and simple field and wild flowers. In Belarus and the countries of the former Soviet Union "fashionable" exotic flowers, such as: orchids, stephanotis, anemones.


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