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In recent years, dramatically, the cases of infection of flowers by one of the most common pest thrips. Moreover, the signals of infection comes not from Western countries, and from our neighboring country - Russia. Only 2 months the spring of 2010 found for 3 party infected flowers. In this paper we describe the colors of the pest and the effects of contamination.

Western flower thrips California

Trips - One of the most common pests of ornamental and agricultural crops. Probably not be able to name a single plant, which would not eat those or other types of data insects. In terms of large greenhouses thrips destroy virtually impossible. At best, their numbers are holding back on a level that would not reflect on the properties of commodity products (flowers or fruits). If you intend to assemble a large collection of Saintpaulia, then get ready for the fact that representatives of thrips have to learn. Do not

Damage caused by thrips and their control measures

The first sign of the presence of thrips on the plant - is the presence of pollen, poured from the stamens on the petals of a flower. However, it should be remembered that this may occur in the absence of thrips - in hot weather, transportation, and shaking the plants, the presence of certain species of ticks. To check whether the flowers, thrips, it is necessary to break a few of the flowers and shake them over the black paper, several times hitting him with a finger or a pencil. You can also open the black paper over several anthers. The pattern and severity of Saintpaulia thrips depends largely on the type of pest. Greenhouse (California), tobacco thrips and decorative actively feed not only on the flowers, but also on the leaves, causing lesions that are similar to those of ticks ploskotelok, but with a rough texture and tracks sucked cells. The abovementioned pests eventually lead to a completely unpresentable plant species. Poluzavyadshie Flowers, deformed, speckled with tiny white and black specks (white - bites, black - faeces). Leaves as if pricked with small needles. Pollen is abundant scattered across the lower petals. On the other hand, some species of thrips are not very aggressive and has only one generation per year. Usually it is for local native species. They fall into the apartments through windows, vents, as well as bouquets of flowers grown in the open. Behave in such thrips relatively "peaceful" little litter pollen, slightly reduce the duration of flowering. Maybe there is even a "self-treatment" plant the fall. The most dangerous and unpleasant California thrips, and greenhouse, as well as onion thrips. These themselves with the plant is not going anywhere. Plants are very much oppressed, flowers spoil. Tolerate viral infection of plants. The only way to get rid of thrips - a series of treatments of systemic insecticides. Quite effective combination of higher concentrations, with insignificant addition zooshampunya (protivobloshinogo). At the time of processing is very desirable to remove all the flower stalks on the plants. Two or three color processing with an interval of 10 days.


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