Sadim roses or how to plant roses in open ground
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Continue to publish interesting and useful articles about flowers and plants. Today's talk in this material kratenko tell you about how to put the queen of flowers (roses) in the open ground.

Sadim roses or how to plant roses in the open ground - a rose sadim

And so begin my story. The best time for planting shrub roses in your garden or backyard - this spring, after danger has passed the big frost frost. Before planting the rose roots of this plant to be processed (put) in a liquid mixture of clay and mullein {1}, then poporchennye roots are cut and carefully straightened out in all directions in the excavated pit.

Plant shrub roses a little deeper than just that as he sat before, and all stems are cut to 1-2 buds to induce the formation of new shoots. After planting, Rosana good stuff down the land, produce copious watering and slightly for a short time obscure plant. If spring is very dry and sultry, then such a loose surface of the earth should be covered with a layer of fine manure, which is keeping him under moisture, thereby greatly contributes to a successful prirastaniyu of garden plants. If you have rose bushes garden transplanted not in time, namely in the summer, then rose bush carefully removed with a "chair", once transplanted to a new place, very much (abundant), watered, and all shoots are cut in half. Transplanted in this way the plant itself obscure and several times a day, sprayed, spraying is continued until a rose until he completely recovers. When planting roses stam {2} must be the most obscure and trunk, which is achieved by means of moss, which obkladyvayut trunk and tied with bast. If the moss you have at hand is not, then it with the same success can be replaced by a thick dense tissue, like for example on shinelnuyu sliced strips 5 inches wide, and that enveloping spiral trunks rose. Wrapped in moss or cloth shtamby sprayed with water several times a day until the transplanted shrub not recover. Recall that the pictures of roses you can see in our photo gallery. On the garden plants and flowers you can find in our catalog of flowers for the garden . You can discuss this article on the forum or post a comment.
{1} Mullen - a Biennial or perennial, slightly less annual herb from a half height 0.5 to 3 meters. In the first year produced only basal rosette of leaves; the second year grows floriferous stems, leafy, compared with basal, small leaves. Mullen is very prevalent in temperate climates of Eurasia, North Africa and - as invasive - in North America. In Belarus, Ukraine, Russia (European part) and the Caucasus.
{2} stam roses - it's literally man-made group of shrub roses. A long time ago spretsialisty and master gardeners have learned to give some kind of ornamental shrubs small trees. Such man-made forms are called stam. Appropriately stam roses - a decorative shrub, which is designed as a tree (soon write an article on the trunk).


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