Rosettes of flowers from Andrew Harmon
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Another interesting article from the world of flowers and plants, today's true man. In the world of flowers and plants, time never stops, and the thought of this, and good designers intero pozvolyaeet expand this flora, albeit artificial. If before the house and other buildings were built man in the shadows, now the trees and shrubs are planted in the shade houses and apartments, and sometimes these same live plants grow roots and rosettes!

Sockets of artificial flowers and plants from Andrew Harmon

So, to protect the plants from the scorching sun, and secondly, the houses are already much more than the greens, and especially in the heart of the city, whether large metropolis or a small provincial town, is considered an industrial hub of the region. Of course, the local government is doing everything possible to green the area entrusted to them, but either do not have enough power, or zeal. And then then it is really creative designers (Andrew Harmon (Andrew Harmon)), who invent, how to decorate a room and make it more "green" and environmentally friendly, the photos you see what happened more than good!


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