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Розы, цветы роз, букеты роз Rose - it is accepted in horticulture and in the world the name of cultural forms of plants belonging to the genus of prickly rose hip (Latin Rósa). Roses is and will be one of the best and most popular colors on our planet. To date, the rose is the most purchased and is the most popular flower in the world, as well as one of the many beautiful and exquisite detail a romantic walk with your girlfriend. Have you ever noticed how you look back on the surrounding when you go with a huge and at the same time a magnificent bouquet of flowers? And if you've seen the happy eyes of your favorite girl or woman, when she receives a gift on everyone's mind? If not, then you should be sure to experience this! How many white envy perhaps those people who did not receive, or can not afford to make his favorite so simple, but not the usual gift. Sure, roses are among the most gorgeous colors, how many of them were donated to young girls, wives, grandmothers ... In ancient Greece, the rose was dedicated to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, probably from the time she is a symbol of love and warmth! However, small differences in color or the execution of a bouquet can mean quite different designations, so giving a flower or a bouquet with a sincere love can you say that your fiancee is too young for love! To ensure that you are not mistaken in saying his feelings through flowers, we will give you some examples of symbols donated to roses: Red roses, of course, say: "I love you", the white roses several designations, such as respect and humility, as well as deceit and silence, pink roses, give her a graceful and great girls, yellow, usually a symbol of joy and fun, when in one bouquet using red and yellow roses - a symbol of good humor and happiness, unopened buds represent purity, single rose is a symbol simplicity. Well, if the owner of Rose does not know these mysterious values, then even a single desire to bring joy to a girl, always says: the giver roses people - it's a romantic who wants to say something very special. So read below all the values of roses.

Flowers, buds, flowers and roses, which means white red pink yellow rose - the language of flowers

Rose Scarlet - the language of flowers means the Persian messenger of love, white roses - the language of color purity and innocence, "I am worthy of you," "You're an angel, the mystery, rose white, flabby - the language of flowers a fleeting impression, you are not impressed; white roses, Dried - the language of flowers "Better to die than to live without happiness; rose bud - the language of flowers innocent heart, rose bud, white - the language of flowers girlhood, rose bud, red - the language of flowers symbolizes the purity and beauty; rose bud stolistny - the language of flowers in recognition of the love rose wreath - the language of flowers "Take the honor, reward for merit, the symbol of the highest dignity; rose hibiscus - the language of flowers means fragile" Beauty ", a yellow rose - jealousy is the language of flowers an attempt to preserve a sense, rose red and white together - the language of flowers unity, the emblem of England, rose red - the language of flowers Love, "I love you", as well as a passion, a rose leaf - the language of flowers "You can hope for; Rose musky bush - the language of flowers means charisma and charm, a single rose bloom - the language of flowers "I still love you, Rose Christmas - the language of flowers concern," Calm me "; rose pink - the language of flowers the ultimate happiness," Believe me "; rose wedding - the language of flowers happy love, rose dark - red - in the language of flowers of mourning; thorny rose - the language of flowers love at first sight, rose tea - in the language of flowers" I remember you always! ". We remind you that pictures of roses and pictures of bouquets of roses of different hues and colors you can see in our photo gallery. If you have any interesting articles or photos that belong to the roses, send us and we will publish them on our online florist Belarus. Talk about breeding roses, ask questions about the care of roses can be in our forum about flowers and plants.


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