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Розы в истории мифах и легендах Roses in the history, myths and legends. In virtually all religions of the world is no mention of this noble and fascinating flower with a delicate flavor - rose. When she first appeared, and who was its skillful creator - is still not precisely known. There are more than hundreds of different options, all of them mysterious, more like a legend than a true story, but would be another biography of this flower.

Rose in the history, myths and legends

India - Myths and legends about roses
It believed that the flower of roses was presented to the people of the Gods. An ancient legend tells that the most beautiful woman in the world Lakshmi emerged from the blossoming rosebud, held in 108 large and 1008 small petals. God Vishnu saw the beauty in her pink cradle, woke her with a kiss and made her his wife. Lakshmi was the goddess of beauty, and its cradle - the rose was considered a sacred flower, a symbol of divine mysteries, which she guards and cleats are her protection. Tales of this wonderful country and talk about the boundless reverence of the flower. There was even a law: who will present a rose to the king, he would ask his protection, assistance or perform intimate desires. Later this law is passed and the wedding ceremony. If the groom give the bride a rose, she should give him her heart.

Kashmir - the myths and legends about roses
Especially beautiful is a holiday the roses in Kashmir. It usually occurs at a time when just starting to bloom there rose. Then everywhere are flocking to Kashmir and young people, walking through the streets with baskets of roses and throw them at passers-by. He or she, in whom got a rose, are considered lucky, and must, in turn, got in to give them some gift. And everyone enjoyed otdarivayutsya as confident that showered their flow of roses will bring them happiness.

Persia - Myths and legends about roses
Persian tales depicting the glorious legends of the birth of a red rose: fruity nightingale was captivated by the beauty of a white rose, he strongly, strongly embraced her. Flower spikes pierced his heart, and blood bird painted rose petals. Tomb of Hafez, Shiraz. Therefore, it has become a symbol of sacrifice of true love in Persia, for the love that you can sacrifice everything. In Persia is so revered the rose that even the country itself was named Gulistan - Country Rose (Gul - Rose). Of the Persian poets sang of a rose especially famous Hafiz, in memory of which he was buried in the village of Kesser, which represents the most extensive in the whole world a garden of roses. Arbour, the tomb of Hafiz - Iranian Church of Love. Indeed, in the house every Persian certainly has a volume of poems about passion, freedom and joy of life. And to his grave must come with flowers. Here the lovers are asking for mutual love and a happy union.

Turkey - Myths and legends about roses
From the Persians love and reverence to the rose and moved to the Turks, or rather, all Mohammedans. They are, according to the Koran, believe that the white rose (according to the Koran from the drops of sweat were at Mahomet animal rose yellow rose, and the drops of sweat accompanied him Archangel Gabriel - red) grew from the drops of sweat of Mohammed in the night of his ascent to heaven. Therefore, they attribute it to the cleansing effect, and neither Mohammedan not only allow themselves to step foot on a rose, but even if he "had seen lying on the ground lobe of her, then immediately it will raise and carefully put it in a clean place. Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Israel. Because of this, perhaps, the cleansing effect attributed to them and cooked it in rose water. Sultan Salladin, as you know, again depriving the Christians in Jerusalem in 1189, entered into a converted church by the Crusaders in the Mosque of Omar at the earliest as the washing of the entire floor, all its walls and even the rock on which it was built, rosewater. How much was spent on it so the water - can be judged partly already by the fact that to carry it here it took about 500 camels! So did Muhammad II to the church of St. Sofia after taking them to Constantinople in 1453. Before you make this wonderful church into a mosque, he told him all from top to bottom wash with rose water.

Iran - Myths and legends about roses
Tales of this Muslim country talking about the rose as follows: Rose - a gift of God, who has long opted for whom did he do lord of flowers on the ground. He stopped his choice at the rose and the lotus (the Nile water lily), but was too drowsy lotus flower, so that Allah had chosen a rose by awarding its sharp spines, so that no one could challenge its supremacy. (At the wedding in Iran decided to create a bridal bouquet of white roses .) triumph over the world rose to begin with the Middle East (Iran). First she got from there to Greece, then to Egypt, Rome, France and China.

Greece - Myths and legends about roses
Venus, the goddess of love, walking in the garden on Mount Olympus, in thought, stopped by a single shrub roses and pink tip of his fingers lightly touched one of the branches. Cry of sudden pain, the beautiful goddess put her finger to the person on it, like a precious ruby, blushing a drop of blood. Before she could even consider it as a drop, falling to the ground, turned into a lovely fragrant red rose, which is in love with the Goddess Eros asked to dedicate yourself. Since then, lovers give each other red roses, which have a drop of blood of Venus. Rose - the flower of love, helps a shy declaration of love to love, to talk about his passionate, but tender passion. Parthenon, Greece. According to another legend is that the rose came out of the snow-white foam, which was covered with the body of the goddess Aphrodite, when she came out of the water. The gods sprinkled the flower nectar, and it took its sweet fragrance. Rose remained as white as the foam, until misfortune with Adonis, the beloved goddess of love. Learning that he was mortally wounded, she rushed to find him, inserting his feet on sharp rocks. The drops of her blood and there were red roses. Rose has played an important role in the life of the ancient Greeks: with wreaths of roses adorned the bride, the Greeks hurled their way to the winners, who were returning home.

Egypt - Myths and legends about roses
In Egypt, the rose was dedicated to Isis, she symbolized pure love, freed from passion and carnal pleasures. May, therefore, rose petals were used in an incredible amount during feasts, probably to prevent the wrath of Isis and get her a favor. Floor of the hall where the feast took place, one-third meter carpeted with rose petals, they stuffed pillows on the beds, and a fountain of pink water. Rose was the favorite flower of Cleopatra. Taking her lover Mark Antony, the queen showered its petals of red roses in the country of sphinxes and pyramids were regarded as a symbol of passion burning with love hearts. Cleopatra's palace. She loved the rose, not only for its beauty, but also because it helped make her a favorite. In those days it was decided to throw in a wine with rose petals with a wreath of whom feel isolated location, and drink this wine. Pliny wrote that when Anthony became very suspicious and not trust anyone, not even Cleopatra, she told me to soak my wreath poison. But during the feast, when Antony threw some roses with a wreath of Cleopatra into his glass, the queen stopped him and told him to bring the convict to his death, which gave to drink this wine with the words: "Look, Marc Anthony, I could easily get rid of you if only able to live without you. " After this feast two greatest ruler did not leave, and the roses have become a symbol of reconciliation.

Rome - Myths and legends about roses
Ancient Rome was not inferior to Egypt in the worship rose. During the Roman Republic rose was the symbol of morality and the award for outstanding acts. It was believed that Rose gives courage and fearlessness. Roman soldiers, ready for battle, wore wreaths of roses instead of helmets and their shields adorned with roses picture. The houses were hung a sprig of roses on the table as a symbol of silence and secrecy. It reminded interlocutors that not everything said at the table must be known to outsiders. From this came the expression «sub rosa dictum», which means: said under the rose, or top secret. A little later, during the fall of the Roman Empire, the ratio rose to change. Now Rose is the subject of roskoshi.Neron Rose petals were everywhere, they crowded pillows, mattresses, strewn floor rooms, tables, each guest was required in a wreath of roses and even slaves, Ministering at the table, were in pink garlands. Some feasts were so lush that the roses are used to them, treated in a barrel of gold. Rose petals made drinks and dishes: puddings, jellies, the famous pink sugar and other sweets that are willing now to the east. Cult of roses has surpassed the boundaries of possibility. Patricia showered with roses favorite matrons, some were told to strew rose petals, even the sea surface, when sent to a gallery walk. Girls fumigated himself with incense of roses, privorazhivaya favorite ... Gladiators umaschivali body rose oil to be invincible in the fierce games. During the feasts psevdoposledovateli Epicurus sat on the beds of rose petals and beautiful slave showered with their rain of petals. One day during the feast the guests struck such an avalanche of rose petals that some guests they choked ... During the reign of Emperor Nero ships through storms and storm, fulfilling his insane orders, brought from Africa rose petals.

France - Myths and legends about roses
Probably because of this attitude of Romans to the "queen of flowers" the first Christians proclaimed the rose flower pagan sin, satiety and debauchery. However, the taboo did not last long: the flower can not be responsible for human error. And in the XIII century French count Champagny Thibault VI brings the trophy to his castle from the Crusades - terry rose. French, the lovers of perfection and sophistication, a rose with love at first sight, and it quickly conquered Europe. In France, as in Rome, came into fashion a wreath of roses, called them "Chapelle". It is curious that this word came from the "Chapeau" - a hat, so we owe the origin of the name of the rose headdress.

United Kingdom - Myths and legends about roses
In England, the rose has become part of the heraldry of the royal houses, descendant of the Plantagenets. Red rose became the emblem of one branch of the dynasty - Lancaster, and another branch - York, took his white logo. Therefore, the war between Lancaster and Henry VI Edward IV of York was named the Wars of the Roses (1455-1485). York, VelikobritaniyaKak symbol completion of such a prolonged and senseless civil war and reconciliation of warring parties was put unusual sort of rose. On one bush blossomed pink and white buds, and rose and called - York-and-Lancaster.
Roses on the English wedding were not only used to create a bouquet. By tradition, before the wedding procession had to go to a child, an angel dressed in a suit and heap the way to a young church with rose petals. Walking on the petals, the bride and groom, as stated beliefs, are cleaned of old sins, problems, bad memories, which is important for a happy future life together.

China - the myths and legends about roses
In China, tea rose is the flower power and proclaimed the official symbol of Beijing. Rosa was fond of and the great Confucius, devoting his poetry, beauty and smell the roses and singing with her as the queen of flowers. They say that from the 18.000 volumes that make up the library of the Chinese emperor, more than 500 treat only of the rose and that in the imperial gardens, it grows in such numbers that give her flowers every year more than 50.000 francs to the essence.

Israel - Myths and legends about roses
Did the ancient Jews rose - is debatable, as some scientists are finding that in the Bible the Hebrew word "shosham" Luther translated the word "rose", means not a rose, a red lily. On the other hand, the Talmud, the red rose grew out of the shed innocent of the blood of Abel, and therefore should adorn every Jewish bride on her wedding day. Most likely, however, Jews are familiar with it no earlier than VII century BC, because before that time her image is not found in any of the papyri.

Russia - Myths and legends about roses
In our region has got a rose in the XVI century, but for a long time, its distribution was limited to only the gardens of the royal court and especially close to the court dignitaries. More extensive development "rozovodstvo" received during the reign of Peter I and Catherine II. Rose has become so popular and valuable flower that thanks to her family received a serf freedom. The first Russian chancellor graph GI Golovkin was a great connoisseur of roses. graph GI Golovkin. To satisfy his whims was defeated a huge rose garden, and to take care of them put a special gardener, drawn from England. Of course, an Englishman, one was unable to cope with so many roses, and the Earl gave him to help some of the serfs. One farmer was so good in this business that has surpassed the English gardener. Golovkin was so excited that wills freestyle serf and his entire family. His last commandment was that they were called Rozanov and nothing else. Argued that the common name in Russia Rozanov went exactly by the farmer. But the most important thing that we got their masters, who were able to extend the knowledge to care for a rose.


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