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When we hear the phrase, office plants, something like that to mind almost always get what some cacti and other undemanding indoor plants or flowers. But is it confined to one cactus. How to make sure that the office would have lived plants and pleasing to the eye. Read this article on office plants.

Plants for office or how to spice up your office - office plants

Under such a general title can start very long conversation about the indoor plants that are with us "work" with Mon until Saturday. Everyone knows that, and so each week, but no matter how lunch breaks and business trips. Few people know that they do not "love" of the output, since just left alone and bored. " Self-without saying how "happy" when, therefore, begins Mon, daytime and off alarms, cut one computer, printers, fax machines do not come silent, as many put it, mobile phones. It would be bad if we did not observe that here is life! In one day, so much news as there was always for life. Not long in the middle, as everyone knows, indoor plants in offices of officials like to continue the "revolutionary situation" when the little old poluzasohshie and date palms in pots, and as everyone knows, the ugly Chinese roses eternally dusty leaves could no longer meet the requirements as to time and how people used to be expressed, modern classrooms and offices, and the Dutch "brand new" not yet "arrived" in sufficient quantities from Europe to take their rightful places far from the leather chair holder cabinet. It's no secret that as quickly into our speech words: office, office worker, manager, and also quickly responded to our book production "news" with as many people think, this kind of names: "A few plants to your office" or "100 best plants for home and office." All have long known that but for such promising names as hiding everyday, individual gardeners terribly bored, alphabetical list, as we are constantly talking, pot plants, ranging from abutilona and ending, as many think, jatropha, rewritten with someone or agronomic advice, or taken from the ceiling. I must say that Novick season - recommended plants that are perfect, after all, grow around computers and office equipment. I must say that as well where to begin, how well do the selection of plants for the cabinet, as many think, any literature, for some reason or another word. It must be emphasized that the course in both capitals have long been companies that provide services of designers and following care of plants. I'd like to emphasize that but for the Russian glubinok, as everyone knows, such an approach to phyto offices in Minsk and Belarusian office is not yet clear. It should be noted that but this hunt believe voprosets time. Undoubtedly, it is worth mentioning that as long as companies who wish to just weed own office, can count only on their monetary power and the power of the collective.

Some practical advice based on experience and mistakes on gardening offices:

Tip 1. Do not buy too many and too expensive houseplants. Usually happens like this: open a new office and premises to decorate houseplants, to highlight. Firm is very important to make a good impression. The question of money is not worth it. The request is made two or three staff members: "At any cost, procure and deliver to the driver palm trees and all kinds of rubber plants and banana, so that the Gazelle was" hammered "to the eyeballs." A day or two before the grand opening of the driver and co-workers go for the "goods". Long ago had it so good sellers of one of the flower shops. Quickly realizing that what starts cranking operation hucksters plants that are very, very necessary to sell. Here we are talking about very little maintenance for azalea and cyclamen. And roses are simply necessary in the office of your boss. Employees as "Vaska" - listened and ate. Time talking little more immediately necessary to pick up bowls and ask transplanted plants. Someone from the pretty young girls, saleswomen sometime and see how it's done - change all the rules, but someone has only a theoretical idea. "What to do?" These customers outfit every day, so that the French manicure will have to sacrifice today, "- quietly mumbles and sighs girl younger than that. Believe me, this episode is not described or share fantasies, no exaggeration ... Well, finally, the plants purchased, the time to spare, the driver of the other cases have to go urgently. Employees of the company promptly all submerged, carrying in his office and begin to set. Everything is so spread out, and the festive atmosphere there. Cyclamen and roses "hide" behind the blinds. There they were, no one sees. And here is a plant resembling a bonsai does not molded. It turns out that they had bought so much, but it's not that ...
2. Do not make hasty buying houseplants. It is not excluded that your business partners or neighbors of some other company, renting premises in the same building had already established themselves on their "green" interior, and ready to share experience with you. This is one drink in one advertisement is never too much. A plant in the premises is a lot. But not much when very good, but when bad. Poor plants literally raspihany and windowsills, and on the tables of employees. One week passed, another ... Plants as a matter begin to appear. I do not want to expose some of the firm or organization in a bad light. Although our Russian remote places a sad picture to see come when ponakupyat, ponahapayut plants from small to big and beautiful as to place and how to care properly nobody knows. Not soon in the state of non-capital firms will be a person whose duties will include ongoing professional care of plants. And not like now, when the cleaning lady aunt Maroussia pour green staff, "and when the secretary Larissa. And when on one another ponadeyutsya. Slightly exaggerated. Currently, the firm has the kind of person who alone cares for the plants and not as prinudilovki, just because the authorities instructed, just as eagerly. This is a big plus. Ceased to count the flower of the victim.
Sovet3. When buying plants for the office must observe the same rules and tips, as when buying plants for the home, with a few exceptions with respect to the range. The first golden rule - knowing the orientation of the windows in the sides of light and, consequently, the appropriate selection of plants. It is important to know how often to be opened or reopened the blinds. The second rule, or some good advice. Do not buy such flowering plants as azaleas, cyclamen, and plants from bromeleevyh and with a pronounced dormant period. Vsluzhebnyh public places for such "capricious child" to care is problematic. The following advice. Put the question about buying a large consignment of plants for the joint meeting. The majority of staff have personal experience of growing some plants that can cool handy.
4. Do not place the office plants directly into the working air conditioner. Otherwise, the plant is doomed to certain death of a martyr. Working air conditioner for a flower - worse than a draft.
5. Do not put plants in the depths of the office more than three meters away from the window, if there is an additional source of artificial illumination.
6. Standing next to living plants in saucers, and artificial flowers do not make a general harmony in the interior. We would recommend a rough selection of plants that could beautify the office. Under the general title "office" can mean more of the following premises: reception, direct one or two rooms, where employees are located and concentrated office equipment, executive office and boardroom. All offices encouraged to register in different ways. If you take seriously the phyto, the professionals will make measurements of floor space, will remove the moisture content of air and light, provide you with sketches, the recommended range of plants, well, just a little - the bill for their services. Now everyone has the right to choose. Only houseplants choose a professional approach.
In the meantime, the company will look for designers, is another firm still take advantage of quick tips. Thus, most of the plants, strange as it seems, can be placed in the waiting room. Admitting, as we know, the place where waiting to five minutes, and when an hour. Therefore, in order to enter the office manager in a good mood, it is necessary beforehand to make sure this mood. A variety of indoor plants, reminiscent of home comfort to help someone escape, and someone to tune in on the conversations with his superiors. The office will approach the elements and vertical gardening. Place the asparagus on a window sill, over the face, small-leaved rubber plants, medium-sized spatifilumy. In a word picky decorative-deciduous plants. Receiving foster discord. Important flowering gardenia accent can be a marvelous aroma of her flowers or jasmine.
Large specimens of plants, known as large-sized, put his superiors in the boardroom. The rooms housing the core staff of the company should not put the plants too close to each other. Humidity of expensive equipment would not benefit. On windowsills two or three plants and is enough. You can come up with the track of the big cacti and succulents. The office manager, office staff called the boss, place one large plant, of course, is planted in a nice flat dish, which is combined with office furniture and style of the cabinet as a whole. The head of the firm can enjoy every day dratsenoy marginata, chief of another company will not irritate yucca ivory and on the basis no one ever sees the butts of his cigarettes (not surprised). It will take some time, and the head is your firm will express their wishes about further progress in greening activities in his office. Typically, one plant is enough in the offices of managers, as many donated and brought the different souvenirs and lots of plants, you see, not quite in harmony together. For best plant room - this palm Hove. Depending on the area of the premises, location of the Bureau, you can put and two palm trees. Hovei the pair look great and bring a touch of solemnity. The total list of plants recommended for the modern office: large-sized: Dracaena marginata - Dracaena marginta; Yucca Ivory - Yucca elephantipes; Hovea - Howeia forsteriana. Ornamental foliage of medium and small sizes - zamiokulkas (Zamioculcas), spatifilum Spathiphyllum sp., Anthurium and Andre as well. Scherzer - Anthurium sp., Asparagus of different types - asparagus sp., Philodendron - philodendron sp., Nolina or bokarneya - Beaucarnea sp., Ivy - Hedera sp., Hamedoreya elegant - Chamaedorea elegans, dieffenbachia-Dieffenbachia sp., Chlorophytum - Chlorhytum sp . etc. All applicants not to list, unfortunately. If your office is only designed, do not take the Treasury under the additional space with windows on the east or south-east for the rest rooms. Here is where you can place any plants, and they will always seem small. You will notice how great your employees relax in what good condition the plants and do not remember the additional financial cost. Or maybe you already have an idea of gardening roof? No, better to make an addition of this winter garden. Here again, talk of souls. And we hasten to remind all our visitors about the plants that look at the pictures of office plants you can in our photo gallery. Discuss issues that are directly related to plants and flowers for the office visit our online forum.


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