Plants for balconies and loggias in Belarus
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Continue to publish interesting articles about flowers and plants. Today let's talk about urban colors, or rather on the balcony. If there is a terrace or balcony substantially as it expands the ability of flower-like room.

Plants for balconies and loggias in Belarus - balcony plants

Few people know that the room, as many put it, potted plants, which, as usual, in the springtime are exposed to the balcony, therefore, can serve as many people think, nicely decorated balconies. It must be emphasized that in addition to the aesthetic effect, the plants will serve, as everyone knows, a good air filter, ie process the carbon dioxide to enrich air with oxygen. Of course, we all know very well what kind of green plants as it absorbs sound muffle street noise, weakening solar heating, make the shade and relieve stress. Everyone knows that adding to their one-year plants, like the open ground, you can, eventually, to organize even a small balcony garden dressed up. It's not a secret that can be done only from the balcony flower annuals. It is worth slightly just work hard and, as we used to say, at least some balcony can also transform into a comfortable corner, where you can enjoy a rest. And do not even need to say that there may be room to give your own imagination, to pick up plants, as many think, a different growth forms, sizes, decorative features, timing of flowering. I must say that the order so that the flowers adorned the balcony throughout the summer, they must choose such a way that flowering periods of individual species are not identical, and followed one by one.

Choosing plants for growing on a balcony or loggia

Almost the most important factor determining the range of plants for the design of the balcony, is its orientation. Few people know that if a balcony (balcony, verandah), which will finally put your garden goes to as many people think the south side, it's what it is worth to give preference to the plants with colorful flowers. I'd like to emphasize that the more the rest of the wealth of sunshine love asters, carnations, phlox, dahlias, snapdragons, gladiolus, geranium, and of climbing - morning glory and nasturtium. On, as everyone knows, the southern balconies can be planted early flowering plants that are their own catchy, as usual, will be painted in the end, merry eyes raneshney in springtime (flowers) or in early summer (Alyssum, Ibero bitter, esholtsiya). Needless to say, at the east or west location of the sun terrace looks at him or in the morning, or under vechr. Everyone knows that in those criteria perfectly grow marigold, tobacco, pimento, ageratum, begonia, balsam, fuchsia and mignonette. As if this were not enough, but if the balcony overlooks the north-east or north-west, it is better in the end, plant a 2.3 form is true, as many think, picked up between, like you always say, a plant subsequent row: begonia, snapdragon, pansy, gillyflower, ageratum, marigold, verbena, balsam, nasturtium, lobelia, marigold, pelargonium, sweet tobacco, petunia and tsiniya. Of climbing annuals suitable sweet peas, Japanese hops, beans, fiery-red, morning glory, as the head of their language, and blue, as everyone knows, Rose, Kobe and the blue passionflower. Few people know that the balconies located with the way people used to express, north side, a great feeling only those plants that can live without, as it were, as everyone says, a huge amount of heat and light. As if this were not enough, but it is, for example, begonia, like most of us are accustomed to say, tubers, dahlia, sweet tobacco, marigold, gladiolus, fuchsia, me-nots, eland, primrose, nasturtium. Everyone knows that all these plants are quite unpretentious. It is also possible that because like potted crops can be grown aspidistra, tsissus, Zebrina and Tradescantia. And do not even need to say that the more significant event which has taken into account when choosing plants - the height of the balcony. And indeed, on the upper floors of tall buildings plant, finally, suffer from drafts and how we express, often winds. Imagine a fact that gusty winds may just destroy the highest plants, break them. And indeed, he did say as the soil dries up and the plants themselves, causing a powerful water evaporation leaf surface. Please note that persons are particularly susceptible to the wind, as we express ourselves, ampelnye plant with longish hanging shoots. Please note that not tolerate drafts and plants are taken out into the open air. It should be noted that such a way as if the balconies of the lower floors can, therefore, raise plants, as many think, though any size, the above 5 or 6 of their choice is extremely limited. It's no secret that there can be painlessly raise only low-growing species and forms of plants: ageratum, Alyssum, daisies, pansies, tuberous begonias, low-growing varieties of pelargonium, nasturtium, marigold. And do not even need to say that with all this, of course, all planted in one box plants are required to have similar requirements to the soil and care.


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