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Radermacher plant was brought to Europe from Taiwan's first 80-s of last century. His reputation as a tree for a single room accommodation each day growing up and becoming more and more of his preverzhentsev.


радамехара Radermacher easily confused with other plants, simple dekorativnolistnymi thank her very large leaves decorating with glittering leaves, which specifically different veins. It tolerates dry air, because the central heating - not a hindrance to its formation. Family Bignoniaceae. Homeland - South-East Asia. Most species of the family's small - tall trees. Relatively not so long ago in the bedroom culture introduced a single species - Radermacher China. This tree is in a residential criteria for seeking vyshiny 1m. The trunk of a house plant is erect, branching from the bottom. Leaves dvazhdyperistye not very large (up to 3 cm) leaves are glossy, with pointed tips, form an elegant patterned crown. The leaves are traditionally green, though there are variegated forms. In nature, the criteria for solid yellow blossoms are bell-shaped flowers bloom in the room criteria - a rare phenomenon. For the greatest ornament results suggest Radermacher placed on the floor within the window of the south orientation, so as to look at the plant a little over the top as soon as the sun vosozdaet on foliage textures. To enhance the branching shoots recommended pinch back.

Care Radermacher

Location: it requires a light place, a lot of air, but skovoznyaki undesirable. Withstand winter temperatures drop to 12-15 degrees.
Radermacher Lighting: bright light.
Watering: Requires uniform watering without peresushki and stagnation of water.
Humidity: High, requires constant spraying.
Care Radermacher: feed during the growing season every two weeks. Overgrown specimens can be formed trim.
Reproduction: propagated by cuttings or seeds. Cuttings root in a greenhouse with heating and application of phytohormones.
Transplant Radermacher: the need for spring.
Possible difficulties: schitovka, aphids.
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