Planting season is just around the corner - beginning of March
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Continue to publish articles of interest (in this case is rather small announcement) from the world of living plants. The long-awaited March sun reminds us that it is time to come to grips with the preparations for the new 2011-mu planting season. Someone had already stroked the tender shoots of seedlings on the windowsill, and some still are assessing just how much he is able to accommodate.

Planting season is just around the corner - beginning of March in Belarus

Topics lyubilelyam Flora, who is now beginning to engage in planting seedlings, please see our portal with articles about soils and substrates for growing seedlings and subtleties of planting. The dreams of a beautiful garden in the winter we often replenish stocks of seeds so that they can sow a hectare - impossible to resist, for example, before a variety of favorite petunias, and yet still want to try something new! Bolshinstvo authors of the articles offer a look at not striking beauty of the mineral and medicinal plants, which not only enrich the flora of your garden or plot, but also get rid of unnecessary trips to the pharmacy, to make the dish on your desk, original, and drinks - flavored. Let's talk about fragrant plants, because of the colors we often are waiting for wonderful flavor, but sometimes we can watch for surprises! With the development of the global food crisis once again draw attention to the vegetable crops - there is nothing better than grown with their own hands clean and sweet tomatoes, peppers or cucumbers. This will help you to an article on agricultural technology and growing the best varieties of vegetable crops. And with the approaching deadlines planting trees, shrubs and perennials, wait for the articles of updates from the nursery - all in Radel "Landscape design and landscaping. Good luck season, fragrant beauty to your garden rich harvest! discuss this article, and the entire planting season you can count on our forum about flowers and plants in Belarus.


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