Vegetables and fruits against cancer
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Continue to publish interesting and useful articles from the world of wildlife. Today, let us for a very useful plants, such as: fruits and vegetables that resist cancer. Almost everyone knows that vitamins and minerals to be extremely useful, and some of them have anti-tumor effect.

Vegetables and fruits against cancer

For example, beta-carotene, which is contained in the persimmon, plums, apricots, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, is toxic to the cells of malignant tumors. It changes the proteins necessary for their growth. The same properties and the action also have vitamins A, C, E, which are rich in fruits and vegetables, as well as beet greens, dandelion greens, spinach, seaweed, nettle, etc. All vegetables, fruits and cereals in addition to vitamins, minerals and other important chemicals also contain vegetable fibers - cellulose. It was she who has the ability to bind and remove toxins and carcinogens of different origin. Now there is no doubt that eating foods containing large amounts of dietary fiber reduces the risk of developing colon cancer. Meanwhile, many Belarusians are rarely included in your daily menu, so the body needs fruits and vegetables, herbs and grasses. Held in Grodno and Grodno region sociological survey has highlighted the typical picture of the republic. Specialists asked the people: what can be attributed to factors that contribute to the emergence of cancer? The answers of the respondents was as follows:
* Ecology - 23,3 percent;
* Genetic predisposition - 22,1 percent;
* Bad habits (alcohol abuse, smoking, etc.) - 21.1 per cent;
* Stressful events - 18.8 per cent;
* The nature of power - 8.3 percent;
* Place of residence - 6,1 percent.
The researchers named the foods have anti-cancer effects, and inquired about how often people include them in your diet. It was found that 51 percent of those surveyed several times a week consume vitamin products. Every day, eat fresh vegetables 35.4 percent of respondents. Once a week - 11.2 percent. However, some people have chosen such answers as: "Less than once a week" and "Never" - 1,6 percent and 0,8 percent respectively. It is clear that the appearance of tumor in the body depends not only on food. The development of this dreadful disease is influenced by other factors. However, the food belongs to one of the leading positions.

Cabbage protects the unborn child

If a pregnant woman or nursing mother eats a lot of cabbage or cauliflower, broccoli and radish, it protects her unborn child from cancer, not only in infancy but into adulthood. This is the conclusion, scientists at the University of Oregon, based on experiments with laboratory mice. Little mice, who grew up on radish and cabbage, is much less likely to suffer from leukemia and lymphoma, and in later years at least twice as sick with lung cancer (their health compared with healthy mice in the control group). The study's authors believe that these vegetables contain large amounts of specific substances that can neutralize the effect of carcinogens.


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