Wild and indoor orchids, orchid flowers in Minsk, Belarus
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Orchids - is not only beautiful and delicate flower tropical jungle, and flowers but wonder, a symbol of romance and special taste joie de vivre. Orchid flower is fraught with mysterious spells, which are astonishingly varied full color, striking form and flavor! "You just look at him - he seemed to come down from the pages of glossy fashion magazine.

Wild orchids and indoor

Orchid flowers gave the empress, the queens and dignitaries, business people and art. Orchids - this is not always generally, and especially! Bouquets of orchids are so elegant and amazing that so much has become a tradition to give their only beloved and expensive. These flowers speak not only of the most sincere and tender feelings, but how deeply and sincerely you feel how close you want to be with this person. Color family of orchids has about 35,000 species, they account for about the seventh part of all the colors on the ground. Grow these flowers almost everywhere - in the wild jungles and alpine mountains, on the trees and on bare rocks, on land and in water. There are two types of orchids that grow and bloom beneath the soil of the earth.

The history of orchid flower

A story about how this tropical beauty captivated Europe, a bit unusual. In 1763, an unknown British botanist brought Karipskih islands dried sample of orchid flower. "Who knows - he thought a scientist - and suddenly in Seme still remained a spark of life?" He planted a flower in a pot, and ... lo and behold - it came alive. After 12 months, appeared pale pink petals of amazing beauty. So for the first time in England flourished tropical orchid. After this incident, and the rampant epidemic began dragging them, at that time orhideemaniyu in England can only be compared only to that with tyulpanomaniey from the Dutch. At first, fans of tropical flowers waiting for more disappointment than joy. Alas, the exotic flower did not want to settle down in the European "hotbeds and greenhouses - these" steam rooms, in which the flower growers, the experimenters attempted to create their own mini - tropics. Many years passed before the martyrs florists smart enough to lower the temperature in the greenhouse and open access to fresh air. The success was tremendous, which has surpassed all expectations, not only gardeners: elegant, colorful, lush blossoms to their royal splendor surpassed that before this could grow gardeners.

Currently, cultivation of orchids for sale brings millions of revenue. From the flower farms to the market annually receives up to 200 million colors.


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