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Since antiquity considered the lilies as a symbol of beauty and perfection. Despite the grace and elegance of these flowers, straight feel the love "decorating" the Creator of their attire. Knowingly elegance shapes of leaves and flowers have brought worldwide fame and lily. Name of a flower comes from the Greek word "leyrion" - "white" or from drevnekeltskogo "Lilium" (pure white).

Princess Flora - Lily

Amazing fragrance lily rush to your house, just you just look at this superb, delicate flower. Color white lily speaks of cleanliness and majesty and symbolism of the secret admiration for the subject mean flower of passion. Exquisite shape lily flowers attract your attention and you are so eager to give their loved ones. Admire and enjoy fascinating secret meaning and magic of this noble lily. Treat yourself with what the incomparable beauty of the greatness of lilies, wrapped in a veil of unspoken words of the tenderest affection.

A bouquet of lilies is great. Lily flowers have a special secret - magic power over all who see them: they bewitch and charm all at a glance. Regal term, which is in the bouquet, bush lily bares all exquisite bliss, which it so richly endowed goddess of flowers. Bouquet can be soft and fragile, majestic and strong, demanding and rigorous, rich and luxurious. Presented to a bouquet of flowers lilies, you endlessly vzvolnuete sweetheart, swirl it in a cycle of this adoration. Knowingly lilies in ancient times was attributed magical ability to conquer hearts. Bouquets of lilies perfect companion for any festive event give them a romantic date, birthday, March 8, weddings and anniversaries, holiday angel and Valentine's Day.

Lilies in a wedding bouquet

At the wedding the bride's bouquet, lily, though fragile, slender dancer: to become a noble, tread secured. Mystical lilies - a bridal bouquet, combining them into one single whole, shines all around the snow-white light and, like the angel of love, leads the young into the world of sweet caress. A bouquet of lilies and wants to pick up. Not podpadaya by either, the most eloquent description, white lily flowers caressing eyes flowing stream of charm, with a bounty of them exude. Just look at decorating the bride's bouquet lilies - they're so meekly falls, their petals are reminiscent of one in a veil bride princess coyly drawn from the face, graceful stems and produces an aristocratic breed of plant. Made to the bride's bouquet lily wrap girl romantic aura of mystery and puzzles, magic mist, when it holds a wedding lilies. And as soon adorn the lily bridal bouquet? Royal majesty, and to become a luxury.

Flower white lily - is a sign of royal majesty, reverence and sincere admiration. Give him standing with caution: strong power, which has a lily flower, is able to provide a truly magical effect on the fate of the recipient. Lily, who often appear in the spring in their homes as a reminder that winter is behind us.


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