Leather colors though not alive, but are natural
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Leather - an extraordinarily beautiful natural material and plastic. Everyone knows that perfectly dressed leather itself for a beautiful no matter how needed, as we used to say, extra decorations. It must be emphasized that the decorations are designed to emphasize the character articles, to give it expression.

Leather flowers and plants, though not alive, but are natural

Needless to say, not zapamyatovyvayte that patterned holes, openwork carving weaken the material and application, by contrast, gives it a sturdiness. And indeed, so try to beautify the skin to cover up its shortcomings and make as many think, a single composition. It must be emphasized that since ancient times, it is clear many techniques of decorative skin treatment: dyeing, drapery, thermal forming, molding, stamping, forging, carving and engraving, applique and embroidery, gilding and silvering, intarsia (inlaid), burning, batik decoration, as everyone knows, woven patterns. Of course, we all know very well that the flowers can be made of at least some skin. It's no secret that does not dispose of, as everyone knows, the old leather products, bags, jackets, tops of his boots, and gloves. It's no secret that even as people are used to express the most tacky and plain at first glance as if things need to work. Self-without saying a simple creams for footwear and Vaseline skin and perfect polish will hide wear, give product completeness. Start with the way we used to say, the usual method. I'd like to stress that mark the circles of different diameter of the compass. And do not even need to say that cut them with a knife or scissors "zig-zag." I'd like to stress that make radial incisions so as not to break the mug. I must say that connect all parts thread. Few people know that the middle of a garnish, as we are constantly talking, bead or as many think, a beautiful button. It must be emphasized that can also complicate the model. Of course, we all know very well that the scroll in the head with the flower petals of various lengths and shapes, connect them together with thread or set him on the glue. It should be noted that in order to work with the skin of more ideal, after all, looms glue "Moment."

Needless to say, such flowers can be used in earrings and jewelry, to bags and pins, and for the creation, as everyone knows, as many panels. As if this were not enough, but you can eventually make the products that mimic, as many think, live flowers. And do not even need to say that pick up the Russia leather (it prozhirovannaya leather, tanned bark of willow trees, sometimes reddish, dark or beige colors made from the skin of horses, deer, pigs), or the rest of the skin, as the head of their language, vegetable-tanned, as Everyone knows, of different colors. Few people know what is suitable and myagenkie skin as people are used to express, natural colors. We all know that every skin can actually might do the most, as many put it, myagenkoy, if a long time so to speak rumple hands. Everyone knows that castor or machine oil softens the skin and as it makes its most plastic. Everyone knows that dye the skin in different colors comfortably, finally, to apply the spray paint for shoes or how we express ourselves, colored hairspray. And do not even need to say that, but there is a long tradition of painting the skin. I must say that in the Middle Ages tanners for tanning have used oak bark, acorns, bark, chestnuts, willows, pines, firs. Imagine the one fact that is not how many can be expressed, tanned skin was stained with vegetable broths. And indeed, for, as most of us always says, yellowish finally prepared decoction of chamomile or unripe fruits dark cumin. And indeed, the reddish color achieved by using the juices run wild apples, pomegranates or finally vermouth. It should be noted that the brown color obtained by varying the concentrations of decoction of acorns. To receive, as we express ourselves, saturated color in the coffee decoction of acorns from time to time added to immature walnuts. Self-without saying a greenish skin was stained, as everyone says, a copper powder. Each house has its own recipes coloring eggs for Easter. And do not even need to say that, try experimenting with your skin. Everyone knows that the artificial coloring, in the end, make easier, but the skin - a natural material and natural color looks to winning. Everyone knows that you do not hurry to say so outright paint huge pieces, first try to malehankih. Please note that the version here is coloring the way we express ourselves, aniline dyes.

I'd like to stress that one packet of dye dissolve in 0,3 l boiling water and strain. Everyone knows that the solution we express ourselves, temperature 45-500C lower, as the head expressed soaked and as we're constantly talking, smoother skin. And do not even need to say that the wary audience. It must be emphasized that leave the skin in the solution to cool. As if this were not enough, but better to fix the dye fixative, in which we can finally use hair spray or vinegar. And do not even need to say that if you put the dye in the dry, hard, as most of us always says, wrinkled skin, you get "varenku. "Mramirovanie is achieved by spraying, as we used to say, dry crumpled skin of the paint sprayer. I must say that you can just use stencils, and solutions of printing inks. It's no secret that initially has learned, as most of us always says, live flowers and plants. It goes without saying, and scroll to the head, from what parts they are composed. These flowers better in the end, do not podgibki. It must be emphasized that so that the flowers do not shaggy, remove bahtarmu (underside of the skin) and finish the edges as usual, stained. Imagine a fact that the petals are wet and give them a defined shape, work through the veins. Note that the molding is made, as many put it, the wood blank on the form or use any object, as many put it, similar in outline thing a bit larger than the future of the product. Self-without saying that moisturize the skin from the inside, and then repeatedly pushed into a product until it actually might be stretched. Imagine a fact that this method works for a firm skin. Everyone knows that oposlya dry product maintains its newest form.

Needless to say, in order to speed up the work product to dry, as many put it, a lamp. It is also possible that the dried petals and leaves a smear of PVA bustilatom. And do not even need to say that is thick and hard skin just finally amenable to heat treatment. It's no secret that the simplest way - roasted buttons. It's no secret that the circles of the skin as if to fry, as everyone says, a metal pan on low heat. Undoubtedly, it is worth mentioning that they are uniformly curved upward, and finally, perceive a hemispherical shape. It would be bad if we did not note that no attempt, therefore, overcook the skin. Of course, we all know very well that the heat treatment of the skin is constantly striving to take as we are with you always say, a spherical shape. Everyone knows that light can also be strong in the end, turned black, lacquered curved rather ordinary, but its edges often turn yellow or going into an accordion. Undoubtedly, it is worth mentioning that the practice on individual elements, you can collect the most difficult track on how everyone is saying, close the database, using the technique of draping (blind man's buff). It's no secret that the first try sozhmurit skin on the newspaper or on a sheet of paper - ssherfuyte and adjust the edge. It's no secret that with the help of a spatula as if nail set to push uglublyaemye sites, gather the folds. It must be emphasized that only when you will attach the skin, as we express ourselves, the appropriate form, attach it to the database. It should be noted that in places where the blind man's buff is attached, remove the highest part of the base or Scratch on it, like most of us are accustomed to say, with a sharp knife. It should be noted that the rough surface adds strength. I'd like to emphasize that with glue "Moment" and simple tools - tweezers, awls, we can eventually do every form: folds, scrolls, leaves, petals, etc. Needless to say, to cut the leaves blank, adjust the edge with tweezers and give it shape. It goes without saying, at first zaschipnite central line, from her label veins. And really, try, therefore, to convey the actual movement of live leaves. All have long been aware that the roses can also be made of, as everyone knows, thick myagenkogo edge or, as many believe, the narrow stripes.

And do not even need to say that at first, do the middle. And do not even need to say that tightly glue the skin in a few turns. Imagine a fact that then follow divergent petals. I must say that attach the lower parts of the strip so as to form myagenkie wave. It would be bad if we did not mention that bit sozhmurivayte and bend the skin, just sticking it around the rim. Imagine a fact that your rosette as it will be indistinguishable from true. Few people know that to how we express ourselves, to make piping, prepare narrow, as everyone says, longish strip. Of course, we all know very well that the start of its collapse on the glue in a tube. It would be bad if we had not said that reaching, as everyone says, a suitable thickness, trim the excess skin with a knife. It's no secret that attach the edge so that the cut permanent as it remained invisible. And, indeed, try to minimize the edge of the spiral. It's no secret that you get delicate curls of different shapes. Each finished product is finally asks refinement. Undoubtedly, it is worth mentioning that during the case you will be able to shed the glue on the skin is often, therefore, appear oily stains, light skin quickly soiled, bahtarma shaggy. All have long known that the first bevel, as usual, a knife edge on one side, as we express ourselves, sharpening. I must say that cleansing is better to create the substance of oxalic acid (1 teaspoon to 0.5 liters of water). Everyone knows what a tampon using tweezers, wipe the surface. And really, it displays how many can be expressed, grease and fingerprints, and just delete gryazyuka. All have long known that the unique beauty of the product will varnishing, as everyone knows, a special paint for the skin. As if this were not enough, but put a nail through a cloth and dry during the day. Please note that the product will give flawless perfection waxing and polishing. Needless-to say, apply heated wax and polish as it nezapyatannoy cloth or sheepskin.

In recent years, the skin is used increasingly in interior decoration. And this beauty is available to everyone. We would like to express my gratitude to the administration site of the finishing and decoration of the interior in natural leather in Moscow (design-moskow.ru).


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