How to choose the right aquarium plants?
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Как выбрать растения дял аквариумаКак выбрать правильно и профессионально растения для Вашего декоративного аквариума? Этот вопрос встает и перед начинающими и перед уже очень опытными аквариумистами. Ответ на данный вопрос естественно не однозначен, особенно если задаться целью декорировать домашний водоем на новом и абсолютно современном уровне.

How to choose the right aquarium plants?

There was a time - his well-remembered aquarists older generation - when the task is simple: Take all that you can get. Aquatic plants knew a little - a half dozen names: elodeya from the nearest river, Ludwig, Vallisneria etc. Choose basically had nothing. But time passed, and in Europe (including Russia), there are more aquatic plants from tropical and subtropical countries. Many of them were recommended for aquarium maintenance. And gradually, there are so many plants that make the right choice was not easy. Now the number of possible objects are no longer counted in tens and hundreds. The books are described on aquarium aquatic plants of 300-400 species. As you know, modern aquaria (including aquaterrarium, paludariumy, swimming pools, a combination aquarium and greenhouses, etc.) have very different purposes. So for them, and plants need different types - large and small, typically water and mud, shade-tolerant and light-loving, etc. But one requirement is a common and indispensable: the aquarium of any type need only water plants. That is why attempts to end in failure "acclimate" in the home pond some room, not water, though moisture-loving plants (eg, stabbing, arrowroot, even palm trees). But a huge number of aquatic plants (6,000 species) is suitable for an aquarium, only a small part, because not all of them adapted to any long stay in a fully submerged. Aquatic plants - mostly natives of tropical and subtropical countries that are adapted to temperatures from 18 to 35 ° C. In our Belarusian natural water bodies (lakes, rivers, ponds) are practically no plants suitable for home aquariums. Some aquarists, knowing from experience some of the features of plants, prefer to make floor plans, others are proven designs that have been published in the literature. Нередко растения выбирают по чисто декоративным признакам. Но при этом сознательно или интуитивно любитель учитывает особенности декоративной группы, к которой принадлежит растение. And not by accident almost every decorative aquarium there are growing in a natural layer of short stature lush multivalent aponogetony Echinodorus or in proximity to the "transparent" nemnogolistnymi Cryptocoryne sizes. Thus, when selecting plants for decorative aquarium is necessary to consider their appearance, habit, size of the desired size and height, number of leaves and their "transparency" (it depends on the permeability of light in the lower layers and to observe the plant located at the back), combination of color and form with neighboring plants, the growth rate. If it does not comply, then some time after planting some plants will begin to oppress others and eventually the weaker perish. That's where hobbyists can sometimes appear unreasonable harmful ideas about the antagonism between the plants in the home pond.

The interaction of fish and plants in an aquarium declarative

Aquarium plant photo
Aquarium plant photo
Aquarium plant photo
Aquarium plant photo Microsorium pteropus

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