History of Bonsai
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Continue to publish interesting articles from the world of natural plants. Today let's talk about this concept as bonsai. In the beginning we give a definition. Bonsai (Jap.盆栽letters. "Potted plant") - is the art of growing an exact copy of this tree, but only in miniature.

History of Bonsai - the art history of growing trees in miniature

The word "bonsai" comes from the Chinese "pen-tsai. There was this art in 231 BC. er. in China. The first reliable written records relating to the style of bonsai, come from China and dates back to the Tang Dynasty (VIII-X centuries.), Where the first mural painting a picture of pentszay - this plant, taken from nature and then transplanted into a special pot that to the root system develops slowly. These plants were grown by Buddhist monks, probably for several centuries BC and later became one of the lessons of the local nobility. Bonsai Japanese decorated homes and gardens. In the Tokugawa era park design has received a new impetus: Growing azaleas and maples became a pastime for wealthy people. Dwarf plant growing (Hati-no-ki - tree in a pot ") is also developed, but the bonsai at the time were very large. Now for the manufacture of bonsai involves the usual trees, they become small by constant pruning and various other methods of gardening. The ratio of the size of the root system, a limited amount of bowls, and the ground part of the bonsai tree corresponds to the proportions of the adult in nature.


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