Carnation is not only a beautiful flower, but also a medicinal plant, photo cloves
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Rhode carnations has absorbed about 300 species of flowers that grow well and successfully in Europe and North Africa, and Asia. On the territory of the Republic of Belarus, as well as in the European part of Russia, there are about 30 different types of flowers carnations. In Belarus, specialists account for 12.10 of carnations.

Carnations, medicinal flowers

гвоздика цветы фото Absolutely all kinds of nail somehow considered decorative flowers, although not all species of this flower are used in florist bouquets. Title CLOVES comes from the Greek words "Di" (which means that Zeus) and "anthos" (flower), ie carnation flower is called Zeus, or divine flower. In the language of flowers carnation means - love, passion, honor and freedom, loyalty. Although such a striped carnation means rejection and dislike. "
If we talk about global title, then one can not forget one of the English names of carnations - "gilly-flowers". Many botanists and florists think that is the English name from the French name of clove spice, the flavor is similar to the aroma of flowers, carnation, while others believe that the carnation is associated with the name of the month - July, when the main flowering carnations. Hence the translation: the July and summer flowers.

Carnations in medicine, medicinal flowers

If we talk about using cloves in medicine, then yes you can say that the cloves are used in medicine everywhere. In medical applications used carnation flowers that have red color and a strong fragrant odor. Gather flowers carnations for medicinal purposes from June to July. If anyone is interested in the chemical composition of the clove, it is still not understood. Known fact is that in the flowers of carnations include a fragrant essential oil, as well as anthocyanin pigments. Carnation petals are sweet to the taste.

Photos cloves

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Carnation in Belarus

In Belarus, cloves multiplies by seeds and cuttings, seedlings and nonseedlings ways. Cloves very tolerant of our climate and is winter-hardy plant. Plant the cloves in Belarus, adopted in late March - early April (at the time of writing, just 26 March 2010, and weather conditions are favorable). Flowers in pinks appear (during flowering) in late June and July. Carnation flowers usually 25-30 days. In Belarus in shops selling flowers, carnation white, red, crimson, pink and purple colors. Florists rarely used in the preparation of bouquets of carnations, pinks - it is rather a flower that needs to grow on the plot or flower bed near the house, decorating and delighting the eye.


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