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Hyacinths - a genus of flowering plants from the family of hyacinth blue. The value of blue hyacinths - consistency, integrity, yellow hyacinth mean jealousy; red and pink hyacinth mean game; purple hyacinths in the language of flowers means "Forget and goodbye, sadness.

Hyacinths - flowers from the myth

According to ancient giving hyacinth named a young and very handsome guy who was beloved of the ancient Greek god Apollo. In turn, the Apollo was teaching the youth discus, also in love with him the god of wind Zefiriz jealousy, Apollo sent a disc thrown right on the head Hyacinth. Hyacinthe then died, after which the Apollo from his blood has created a flower of great beauty, which he called the people hyacinths.

Growing hyacinths.

Flower arrangements of hyacinths in your garden plot is usually planted at the beginning: the rest areas, around ponds, in the meadows and lawns. In no case be set down more than 4 classes or types of hyacinths. Typically hyacinths occupy more than 3 square meters, as a smaller area occupied by the flowers is used only to make the site colorful. Very often, the hyacinths are planted and grown close to the alpine slides, decorative stones and boulders, colored gravel or gravel. They love hyacinths? Hyacinths like light and sandy soil that is well-permeable, and if it does not rain, or flowers are not watered for a long time, then in this land of the liquid is easily lifted from the ground water. In consequence of such planting, bulbs, hyacinths will receive moisture from the soil, but will not be flooded, which is especially important when deriving hyacinths.

Types of hyacinths

The most common in the world because the whole family these colors - oriental hyacinth, which grows and blooms in spring, even in the wild in Greece and Asia Minor. Culture hyacinths in Western Europe was popularized from the very beginning of 15 century and just ever since, till this moment, it was calculated over 300 different varieties of hyacinths. The actual number of species and varieties of hyacinth much more, and with each new season, there are also new types and varieties of plants. Flowers of hyacinths can be of different colors: there are white, yellow, red, pink, blue, mauve, purple and blue. Among all the varieties of the flower distinguish double and simple hyacinths usually last more than terry and have a "correct" geometric form. Properly grown flower hyacinth should be: the leaves of flowers should strive upward, heading uniformly in all directions, the stem should hyacinths is necessarily in an upright condition and should not touch the leaves, more flowers per plant, the better heads must be flat, slightly conical or cylindrical; hyacinth flowers should not be no overhang.
Now, the most "advanced" and a good scout hyacinth is a country like the Netherlands, and the new capital of these colors can be sure to call around the city of Haarlem, where each year successfully exported hyacinth bulbs in the country around the world.


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